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  • opinionsarelike33 opinionsarelike33 Feb 16, 2011 11:33 AM Flag

    Netflix-- Challenges ahead

    Bottom line is you all have been beating this dead horse subject for almost a year now. Its not abouit us longs. Its about what thw street believes. It appears the street believes that these are non issues.

    So go beat the horse somewhere else.
    CF for me is wonderful. How about those staggered puts for you.


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    • Yes, "the street" believed Corvis was worth $50 BILLION, then it was suddenly worth only 1% of that., it lost 99% of its value... suddenly and Corvis had proprietary technology.

    • I bought puts for the first time this week. In fact first time i did anything with netflix after watching it for a year, ai never posted on nflx board, just watching from sidelines.

      Actually my puts are in the blue.

      As for the street believing, well it also believed such fantasies in 1999, 2008 and so and so forth.

      just because street says so, doesnt make it right so.

      They will downgrade AFTER it goes to double digits.

      we will see. and i am in no hurry, i will play the put game for a long time. Not greedy, not buyig a bunch but enough to make a killing when it sinks.

    • <<It appears the street believes that these are non issues.>>

      Like every bubble stock, the street (tutes) know how to ride it to make money. By definition, the dumbest long money gets in near the top, or doesn't know when to sell. It takes time for "the street" (The Boys i call 'em) to unload shares onto the dumb money (retail).
      When they are properly repositioned to profit from the down-side you will know it - and certainly feel it if you are still long.

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