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  • sandyeggojake sandyeggojake Mar 4, 2011 1:10 PM Flag

    Bull Flag broken on daily...

    ... at 12:15am. It may be a slow day with OPEX and max pain ~$210, but there is little risk to the upside.

    We may get some long profit taking in the PM, as folks step to the sidelines for the weekend. And Max Pain analysis suggests after this expiry, the slide should continue.

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    • This scam.............weekly scam pump/dump and forced short covering getting weak

      and why?

      new shorts have better entry ......can not be squeezed..

      only sucker traders with stops getting swiped ..

      and biggest scam since dotcom by criminal reed hastings

      cfo+coo fled with loot...what they know that you don't????

      today last golden opportunity for sucker poop bag holders to dump

      into scam short squeeze......later on they have to slaughter each other while dumping

      this scam liquidity crisis is now in play in this scam manipulated pit

      sec/finra criminal watch dogs must be put to sleep asap

      these criminals aided the loot of working class pensions

      mutual funds scam weapon to loot pensions

      rome did not burn in a day

      massive riots in usa in 2011

      you will never ever see $211+ ever again after this day trading

      criminal manipulators synced=scam pit dry like sahara desert again

      now is the time to precisely follow lion broadcasting weapons of choice for retail

      god sent messenger

      when manipulated scam =crowded trade

      first shorts get slaughtered

      phase-ii sucker longs trapped get slaughtered

      it is sucker rat holding criminal thug hastings scam $ss poop wipe paper

      these criminals scam game hold side ways and than dump into close
      or gap down next week

      to slaughter sucker rats


      do not hold over night this scam

      park leap puts =better than gold

      this is criminal thug hastings scam $ss wipe poop paper

      my mouse indicator is here ; now i double on april puts

      we got mouse here back today=great indicator for crash

      mouse and rats can be only criminal thug reed hastings scam $ss wipe paper poop suckers

      load april asap.......for next flip

      sucker retail longs
      take ur profit and run or u get tripped next

      my last day to

      i will make bold statement:

      you will never see $211+ ever again after today

      i am here to save u retail

      i am taking my fight to washington dc and want to make movie on this scam to expose all weapons and their scam use by corporate thugs and fraud street nexus mafia to siphon usa working class pensions

      sec/finra/high treason rulers at banking and financial committee all have to be exposed for brian dead zombie working class to understand it

    • My max pain analysis shows me that you are being squeezed out your position in a couple of days.

      This stock is run by MM's not by charts. They will take it to where the want to take to cleaners as many suckers as they can.

      Right now there are tons of shorts suckers on this. They will shaft them good accordingly.

      • 1 Reply to dr_uniphaser
      • >This stock is run by MM's not by charts.

        We agree...which is why NFLX is so easy to trade. MM are moving things around to produce pretty charts. Defending the $200 (which is why we covered, and then, based on the Max Pain, we reentered our shorts above $210.

        We expect them to liquidate their positions come Monday, in preparation for the lower future Max Pain.

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