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  • chartists_view chartists_view Mar 15, 2011 1:34 PM Flag

    Chartists warning..please read...

    If you are holding this stock for the long term and have a nice profit...please take your money. If you have any technical training please take a look at the monthly chart and the daily's lower high. VERY VERY bearish signals for what has been a very bullish stock. Shame on GS for this upgrade here. I don't know how they get away with it. Please be careful everyone and good luck to all.

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    • Good morning,
      Challenge for this stock will be to get above gap resistance which it filled yesterday. Unfortunately, a reversal like yesterday created more resistance as there are regretful buyers holding up there ready to pull the sell trigger, particularly as the week closes.
      Lets see if today's market strength can bring in a new breed of buyers for NFLX.
      Its a bull/bear fight at this point.

    • Good night everyone.
      Have a great night and be safe.

    • A bit of a surprise to me...

    • Still holding. Plus the 20 dma has not violated. That would be very bearish. Holding... for now.

    • Eeehhhhhrrr....

    • Please pass the bong...

    • Did you sell your CHK. I did sold my DG too.

    • Do not listen to those on this board advocating lower lows. It's not in the cards.

      You've got an excellent shot on a lottery ticket for the 18 March 225 calls selling <$1.

      My bet is this runs into the 233-238 area by Friday close and you will make a mint if it does!

      As with any Lottery ticket, unless risk what you can afford to lose!

      After that, new 52-week highs! Buy out-of-the money calls. They won't keep this down for long!

      It's got another 23 points from today's low to go at least in the short-term!

      NFLX was featured on the Bloomberg report last night world-wide, in a positive light! Capitalize on that exposure!

      Upcoming Fibanocci lines are 225.1x and then 233.7x - NFLX has been crushing them since the low. And after that there's only the 52-week high ahead!

      Look out above!

    • a non event with low volume and high RSI. OBV and MACD all pointing lower into the close. JMHO of course...

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