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  • tryinman11 tryinman11 Jul 7, 2011 12:10 AM Flag

    Conspiracy Theory Behind Market Run-up

    So, the Insiders (Fed, Wallstreet, WH, they're all the same, the just switch positions as time goes by so we'll give them a collective name Insiders), after witnessing the brief pullback in June, realised a stock market correction would be bad for the economy, investor confidence and a 2012 election campaign. There is monet being siphoned into the market to provide more liquidity again. As the bubble grows, and a bust looms, the stake gets even bigger.

    Another stock market plunge would definitely see some serious riots nationwide and it would be ugly. These numbnuts have a vested interest in allowing this upward trend to continue, even if the rest of the world is about to go broke. As for NFLX, no real weakness yet. Good look attempting to open a short position without market confirmation of a inflection point.

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    • Inflection point should have occurred weeks ago after Sony-Starz pulled out of Netflix. It is obvious that Sony and Miramax are in the driver's seat and can demand much more money for content licensing renewal. The problem is that NFLX can't afford to pay more money for higher content without their margins taking a serious hit and their lofty growth projections shrinking.

      There have been numerous downgrades in recent days, another inflection point ( at least with normal stocks). Guidance is lowered, debts in Canada are higher than originally expected, and yet NFLX wants to spend more money to grow in Latin America ( LOL...good luck with that one).

      Another inflection point is Hulu being acquired (this will happen soon) by a well capitalized tech company who can actually afford to pay the studios the money they need to continue providing content. NFLX's fantasy growth story won't be sustainable with more competition becoming acquired by wealthy companies.

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