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  • jgentemann jgentemann Jul 11, 2011 7:23 PM Flag

    Im going short nflx via puts

    Ok, I have been a huge netflix fan all the way from $80 but today I decided to sell all my shares and buy puts. The stock simply cant get out of its own way after this earnings call. There is no way they can beatby enough to go higher. On top of that, todays sudden 180 turn to start a mail out only service seems desperate to me. My guess is the subscriber count is slowing and they are panicing. If not for this clue today Id stay long until earnings but this is the red herring that tells me theres something wrong. While Im not trying to pick the exact top, I can tell you that at some point next month the Aug $250 puts will be in the money and assuming Im right I will keep rolling into longer dated puts each month. I am saying its going back to $200 and maybe lower. Go ahead and tell me Im crazy but I already know Im crazy and you have to take gutsy ridiculous calls to win big on wall street. I have a excellent track record but Im not always right. If your right more than wrong you are doing well on wall street...

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