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  • rustyc_60 rustyc_60 Jul 20, 2011 7:54 PM Flag

    SELL NOW -- Nflx party is over

    Amazon's deal with CBS
    and google's pending anouncement Tuesday about new streaming deal along with Netflix recent Price botched increase (pr gaff) have started the long term trend down that will be accelerated after next Monday's miss on earnongs and lowered revenue anouncement due to high costs of expanding to paraguay and guatamala

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    • Bump!

    • Dish Network Planning to Compete with Netflix

    • FAKE or Truth!!!

    • let the criminals be stripped naked

      Posted by Trevor Allen
      Monday, 01 August 2011
      An investigation on behalf of shareholders in shares of Netflix, Inc. (NASDAQ:NFLX) over potential securities laws violations was announced and NASDAQ:NFLX stockholders should contact the Shareholders Foundation at
      The announcement by Netflix that it expects now lower new domestic subscribers and the following stock drop caused an investigation on behalf of investors in Netflix, Inc. (NASDAQ: NFLX) shares over potential Federal Securities Laws violations.

      If you purchased shares of Netflix, Inc. (Public, NASDAQ:NFLX), you have certain options and you should contact the Shareholders Foundation by email or call +1(858) 779 - 1554.

      The investigation by a law firm focuses on possible shareholder claims based on potential violations of the federal securities laws. Specifically the investigation concerns whether Netflix, Inc. or others may have violated securities laws by issuing a series of statements regarding its business, its prospects and its operations that were materially false and misleading at the time they were made.
      Netflix’s annual Total Revenue rose from $1.2billion for 2007 to $2.16billion for 2010. Its Net Income rose over the same time frame from $66.61million for 2007 to $160.85million for 2010. Its first quarter Revenue increased from $519.82million one year earlier to $718.55million for the first quarter in 2011 and its first quarter Net Income rose from $43.52million to $60.23million.

      Shares of Netflix, Inc. (Public, NASDAQ:NFLX) grew at an exceptional growth rate over the past years. NASDAQ NFLX stock skyrocketed from $21.85 in the beginning of 2008 to as high as $295.14 per share on July 8, 2011.

      However, shares of Netflix, Inc. (Public, NASDAQ:NFLX) dropped from almost $300 per share on July 8 to $252.25 during Tuesday July 26, 2011.

      On July 25, 2011, after the market closed, Netflix, Inc. (NASDAQ: NFLX) has released its second-quarter 2011 financial results. Netflix’ third-quarter sales and profit forecast missed analysts’ estimates and Netflix Inc. disclosed that a price change would cause a negative impact in new customer signups.
      Among other things, Netflix, Inc said the global profit for the third quarter is expected to be $0.72 per share to $1.07 per share. However, analysts’ projected a profit of $1.11 per share.

      Those who purchased shares of Netflix, Inc. (Public, NASDAQ:NFLX), have certain options and should contact the Shareholders Foundation by email or call +1(858) 779 - 1554.

      Shareholders Foundation, Inc.
      Trevor Allen
      3111 Camino Del Rio North - Suite 423
      92108 San Diego
      Phone: +1-(858)-779-1554
      Fax: +1-(858)-605-5739


    • fraud street pump for tomorrow will be a joke any way

      Clever smart will dump right into the scam pumps which can not hold too long any more........

      USA is a failed state: High Treason criminals fooling USA $ucked brain Zombies by kicking the

      • 1 Reply to singhlion2001
      • the party is over here. NFLX will open red tomorrow and if it does see green at some point in the early morning it'll be no more than a point - the pump won't hold and it'll close red. institutions will not buy this pig at these levels - plus it's already 85% institutionally owned and because no manager with a fiduciary responsibility to his investors is going to buy a stock that's 4-5x overvalued on a PE basis and up 172% ttm there's really no one left to buy but bagholding retail investors. I've got a buddy that bought emc in the 90s and he still holds it today. haha, all the scrubs buying in the 260s and 270s will be in the same boat as him. Even if the programs can continue to support NFLX here for the week or in slim chance that we see another pop to 300 at some point any dope that bought now and luckily found themselves 40 points in the money won't sell... they won't sell when retraces and it hits 250, 200, 150, 100 or 75 as all the institutions dump to Johnny Retail at huge profits. Trust me, bag holders are the only ones buying now. And yes of course, the bulk of the daily volume is daytraders, so they're buying too, but as fast as they buy they sell. they want this pig to implode - that's when they'll make huge money.

    • Ingrid, JC and GS are going to give this pig one more pump and all the mutual funds will buy in. Then after they squeezed the shorts they will give it to the longs.


    • Who stole my cheese


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