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  • elmojitogatico elmojitogatico Jul 24, 2011 2:49 AM Flag

    seventy billion n' bootee, employees say raise due!

    Blibberin Blabberin Blues Drool all Turning to i Tunes

    Why don't you ask them for a raise
    Cause we're afraid of getting hazed

    Our braids are working night and day by the way
    hay were not gay army says hay do u need a dress

    I'm sick & tried of this mess should we go shirtless
    Just don't know what to do Mr. barber please a hair doo

    Should I marry Jimmy o Jones o show & tell says Dr. Bones
    Guess weird just stuck here with yoo, hay hay you two noo!

    bought and cleaned da house now deem a break at bathhouse

    aapl gots the Blibberin Blabberin Blues
    army gots Blibberin Blabberin Blues like yoo

    Mama busted them night & day as the navy says mayday

    bing bang ding dang gonna get me another Wang
    heading to outer space because of ace wit mace

    O' why can't get a raise says the Blibberin Blabberin Blues, on I tunes!

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