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  • s_s95159 s_s95159 Jul 25, 2011 7:46 PM Flag

    Yes I Cancelled

    They can have it. I had the plan when it was $7.99, they upped it to $9.99 and I got zip. Same old titles, same old service. Now $15.98 for same old service.
    Looks like this will be the new Blockbuster, they also tried to run over the customer with the "take it or leave it " mentality... Well I'm leaving it.

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    • You are not alone .
      Believe me.
      I've " had it " too !
      there is only one way they will ever change and if you don't " hit em' in the pocket $$$ "
      THEY WON'T
      remember when a Cheeseburger @ McD's was 15 cents ?
      I DO !
      and the more they buy the more they pay .

    • I canceled too.. no new content and you should pay more. Its the shipping thats killing them they should charge $20 a month for those plans and get the streaming down to $7

    • Normally I can't stand the "shorts", but go for it guys.... Short this thing down so much that their market cap shrinks. That's the only thing this management team understands.

    • All this content is availble on the torrent networks for free. FREE. The torrent has far more content than Netflix ever could.
      Wanna watch Potter 8 or Captain America tonight? Netflix cannot help you.
      The torrents can. Check or

    • Agreed. The exit survey is a joke also. You can't even comment why you left (though it should be obvious). Price hike wasn't even an option. I cancelled the day they announced, a guy I work with cancelled today and I know three other people in my office who plan on canceling before the price hike becomes effective. Netflix definitely had a take it or leave it mentality that alienated loyal customers. I have been using the service almost since its inception. Bottom line= the move to streaming was visionary and a great move but their service and movies haven't kept up. Not only do they not have any of the good movies available until 30 days after they are released (and then you have "long waits), they have barely any new movies that stream. They need to offer streaming the day that new movies are released on DVD. Then I will happily pay $16. The move to offer their own original tv shows and movies is another good move and can help them compete/raise prices more in the future. However, the price increase was too much, too quickly, for too little service. They needed to increase the quality of the product before increasing price. As it stands right now, $16 doesn't buy you a whole hell of a lot. But the arrogance the CEO is exhibiting on this one because his people at McKinsey or BCG told him not to worry about the drop off in subscribers is mind boggling. They are the same people who destroyed Enron and the corporate five star employee rating which is a joke and disincentives even working hard. I would not listen to a word their "consultants" say and I think they miscalculated on this one. Only time will tell.

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