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  • jforuus jforuus Jan 5, 2012 1:27 PM Flag


    Why are you allowing the sponsors of this company to abuse you?

    Reed sells for a year straight and then the current pps is less then $100. JUST IRONY, correct?

    If so....

    There is no such thing as a Madoff Ponzi Scheme!!

    Nor is there anything called the Corozine $1.2B disappearing act. (Shows you the integrity of an ex-senator and ex-governor, yes our gov't is honest and loves to name everything "OPERATION" with a synonm of "freedom and honor")

    Never heard of avg. down and sell the company out CSA - Cogdwell Spencer trap aka the Raymond Braun and Charles Handy SHOW!

    The term pulled a Goldman Sux Sachs on you where you bring an IPO out and it drops from $15 or whatever AONE was to $1.60 or perhaps the other Godlman Sux Sach II where they package poop in a bag and sell it all their investors that aren't their prized investors.

    The Chinese corporations are all trustworthy!

    As a single man you don't have to pay more taxes while a guy who is ejaculation all over the place gets a tax break while he and his family uses triple to quadrapule fold in resources. The U.S. Gov't calculator isn't awry!!

    Bruce Cameron from CDCS actually knows what is going on in his company? Their CFO Laevelle is worth more then a bag of peanuts and its Chair Carrick is honest as a gerbel in a backroom of alternative lifestyle bar. Of course they don't have a bid and ask spread the size of New Hampshire.

    Enjoy Reed Hastings Wake and make sure to atleast be able to distribute out the rest of the sponsors and their cronies at higher price instead of bringing them back to $40's at a minimum.

    Raj and his pals never talked shop making money off the banter.

    They say the market is cheap! They say that because a large majority of the retail players have finally acknowledged in mass that the industry is corrupt.

    The Patriot Act isn't being used for mis-deed every day. They are not breathing down boy wonder's neck while he does a boolean search on your hard drives under some selfserving ruse.

    I heard rumors they found 4 WMD in Texas last week under Bush Sr. car pool. How come we never invade countries that would kick our rears? You send a attack helicopte into China, Korea or India they will drop Tonnage everywhere.

    Oh yeah and Cramer isn't so blinded by his own staff that he actuall believes he is as good as they pump him to be. His objectivness isn't lost with those cheerleaders around him. He hasn't justified to himsel not to take critical calls of his past recommendations that have failed. His integrity isn't under fire everyday because he actually thinks his producers care more about this jargon then they do about his ratings. Its bad for ratings to talk about OCLR ever and to admit he missed the cave in of NFLX.

    God I go on forever about the injustices of this market and world.

    You keep buying Reed Hastings and NFLX Sponsorships dung don't punish them but reward them that will teach them to make more money off your back.

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