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  • zakwill72 zakwill72 May 20, 2012 7:58 PM Flag

    He Bought Too Early To Cover

    A PT of 37. you must joking. Netflix is well positioned to go up very soon. You think Tilson will let the stock to much lower then you are smoking. Wait till more insiders start buying the stock. Better cover your shorts!!! Soon the really good original programming will be offered. The management and company is well primed to eradicate the mistakes of the past. They are already gaining back those customers who briefly fled and obtaining new ones every hour.

    If you have done any reading at all, you would notice that their customer satisfaction at Netflix is rapidly growing. Insiders are not buying for no reason.

    Netflix as a stock is a much better long than short.

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    • Post your many shares do you own?? How much have you lost?...What is your break even...

      That's what I thought

    • beacon_on_a_silverlining beacon_on_a_silverlining May 20, 2012 11:46 PM Flag

      You're long because Tilson is long , that's not very smart , hedgefunds make as many mistakes as the rest of us . The stock is in a strong downtrend and I think they shot themselves in both feet as the competition is coming on strong . It's not about price as it is about quality and the content . Apple itunes is taking customers away from netflix ,verizon starts there streaming in July , you've also got hulu , amazon ,facebook and a few others . Netflix will try and try and try and never regain its footing after wounding both feet !

      Dirty business pratice by the 50 yr old Master Scammer Reed Hastings cooked the books and wiped out the loyal investors right with him !

      Subscribers took off as the content lost it's quality and REED HASTINGS split then unsplit the DVD side of the business .

      I just signed up with Blockbuster and get unlimited DVDs at $14.99 per month because they have freshly released movies compared to a extra 28 day wait with netflix . Lucky for me I still have a brick and mortar store within walking distance , plus 3 more within 30 minute drives from my house .

      The business model is broken , don't follow a hedgefund investor with an already shaky track record or else you'll pay big time in losses !

    • It's not a better long than short when it keeps going down.

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