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  • singhlion2001 singhlion2001 Oct 12, 2012 9:49 AM Flag


    Retail pumper suckers=no new s suckers available for this scam bubble it is manipulation gang and the shorts final round wrestling match and criminal gang is distributing via short covering,,,,,,and scam is being set for a crash by manipulation gang.......... it is called the scam play book in reverse to slaughter sucker bag holder bullies the scam................can not fly anymore retail escape from the scam bubble asap....... these criminals have no mercy for sucker bag holder longs too be warned= all these scam spin loyalty survey news criminal thug and gang has no loyalty to netflix scam bubble stock they loot and flee and scam will go to zippo but criminal thug reed hastings looted all no loyality to netflix scam bwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa hello worldcon/enron/dotcom/madoff

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    • Arrest Mary Schapiro/Robert Khuzami/Robert Cook Scam gang at S.E.C

      The grim picture of Netflix's financials starts with its debt. It has 2 types of debt, standard short-term and long-term liabilities on the balance sheet, as well as "Streaming Content Obligations" which reside off of the balance sheet.

      Note current liabilities of $1,498,844,000 and accounts payable of $90,961 and this

      Non-current content liabilities $829,163,000 ????????what you folks think about this??????

      Long-term debt $200,000,000
      Long-term debt due to related party $200,000,000
      Other non-current liabilities $62,057,000
      Total liabilities $2,790,064,000...jun30, 2012 more than doubled vs Jun 2011 $1,236,659,000

      As for the off-balance sheet obligations, here they are:
      The expected timing of payments for these obligations is as follows:
      Less than one year $ 2,053,397,000
      Due after one year and through 3 years 2,427,772,000
      Due after 5 years 60,298,000
      ------Total streaming content obligations $ 5,023,748,000-----

      So let's take a look at what Netflix owes within 1 year. It has accounts payable from the balance sheet of $90,961,000 plus $2,053,397,000 off the balance sheet. That's $2,144,358,000 that Netflix owes within a year. Plus, there's another $2,427,772,000 due between 1 and 3 years. If you are a Netflix shareholder and these numbers don't scare you, the next set probably will.

      If you are a Netflix shareholder and these numbers don't scare you, the next set probably will.
      First, let's look at the current assets and cash situation to see how far that will get Netflix in paying down that debt............

      Now can you all show me what net income they generated in 2010? 2011? and now so far in 2012?

      and they owe $2,144,358,000 within one year

      Show me Cash flow and how this will be paid?

      and also with $400M fraud fund raised with massive dilution cost to shareholder, tell me without these funds if this scam is solvent in 2012? Look Back fraud facts for you all

      dilution hell already took share count over 58 million and with option grants will reach upto 62 million next.........

      RED FLAGS: losing customers and the competition is rapidly increasing?

      So what are Netflix's options? None of them is very appealing, there's a secondary offering, a sale of the company at a very low price, or bankruptcy. Maybe it could do a bond issue as well, but that would be issuing long-term debt to finance short-term debt. All of these choices are horrible for shareholders.

      Sentiment: Strong Sell

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