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  • dramatic_move_up dramatic_move_up Oct 5, 2012 1:14 PM Flag


    He will shoot his load soon, he will not know what to do, two seperate Billionaires are licking their chops over RENN, Ken Fischer is rumored to be starting a massive position, but RENN is just finishing the buyback and he asked the richest man in the entire country of China to hold off his billionaire buying until he was done with the buyback, well the TRIADS also so how bright that RENN RENN social media and cell phone videogame future as well as tv, groupon site and auctionsite, RENNis a hub that scoots you all over everything CHEN has mastered and owns! The AR technology CHEN and RENN employees are famous for will start bigtime after windows 8 launch, hedge funds are about to start huge positions also because they must be in RENN before the China stimulus is released because it will be the largest ever and the stock will be in the 40's a week after the stimulus, many trapped, RENN ipo'd at 28, Goldman took rennthis low to get people to sell so they can get all the shares cheap, but no sellers for months now and citi still needs to cover lol

    same recipe being used on renn exactly the same and same people that exploded Bidu are days away from exploding renn, the specialist does not know what to do because he has no sellers! He is an amateur so the explosion and fast triple will be priceless to watch. 2 Billionaires on standby to buy like crazy and the TRIAD mafia suppose to run it up soon the way they moved sina 26 points in 6 days! EASY triple days away easy fast money, just look at the OCT calls, not even an amateur does not want to help pump this with that many calls to sell more if nothing else but he is scared because it could get away from him and climb to 20 in 4 days!

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