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  • booty_layer booty_layer Oct 30, 2012 9:06 PM Flag

    Tomorrow's price high could be one of these Fibonacci levels

    what a couple of #$%$ clowns. Come on guys, NOBODY is going to buy this dinosaur and even if they were, do you really think they would pay 2x the current value? They have liabilities that they can't even quantify and their growth is based on a weak international strategy to attempt to compensate for their dying US share of the pie. Yes, I know usage was up 20% during the hurricane and all but that equals a 0% increase in revenue b/c they charge a flat rate so that is barely news worthy. Fibonacci? Seriously? I will say that if nobody does actually buy NFLX within the next couple months it is about as good as dead. Just don't see any of the big players buying something they can simply kill with minimal effort.

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    • What on earth are you talking about? 5-6 million new subscribers in 2012, more households have NFLX than have HBO. You need a new shtick repeating this same stuff over and over again. Short ride is over now, the worst is behind them, going up from here. And the OP is right MSFT or SNE are both potential buyers here, but MSFT needs it more and will pay more not because of the game console, though that is part of it, but because they need to make their online strategy relevant in the shadow of GOOG and AAPL. MSFT launched Windows 8 to unify computer, phone, tablet and console. MSFT wants to be a player in tablet and phone market, and GOOG Android + docs + Gmail is a serious threat to MSFT dominance in a cloud based world. MSFT will do what it can to build online user base and NFLX can be the basis of their 'app store" as well as a great sweetener to move people to the nexgen MSFT devices. They can turn NFLX into tiered pricing like everyone has been suggesting all along, and give basic NFLX stream service away free to buyers of MSFT hardware. MSFT has to make bold moves. They may or may not buy NFLX but anyone who isn't blinded by their short position or mentally retarded can see there is a case to be made.

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      • Keep the dream alive. This is a trader's stock and that is about all. Would have to be insane to buy NFLX as a long term investment as the future just looks bleak considering the ONLY hope it has for survival is an acquisition that just isn't going to happen. I think people should keep talking about it and believing that and I will keep buying calls on the way up.

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    • OH come on you know it will get bought and your short......cover now before you lose your Fibonacci! lol

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