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  • warnerlambert warnerlambert Nov 10, 2012 9:46 PM Flag

    With Some Statements in These Recent Posts...

    it has become very clear that NFLX longs have driven well past the exit to relevance and are quickly approaching irresponsible...

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    • I can't believe these folks think that a person interested in buying out a company, hostile or otherwise, would allow it to become common knowledge prior to the deal. I mean how stupid can you be and still be breathing? LOL they think Icahn would let them in on the move because he's a nice guy? If he stays quiet he avoids the poison pill, and keeps the price in the 50's. What possible reason could he have for spilling the beans? Could it be he's manipulating the stock price to aid his call purchase? A-duh?

      These longs are a new class of stupid.

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      • 2 Replies to tagetlocman
      • exactly what I said in a different post. Hey longs, guess what, you foolishly bid the stock up beyond where any premium would have been relevant. Oh and guess what again, Icahn planned on this why is why he 1) accumulated a synthetic position prior to making some noise 2) went with a highly leveraged approach to squeeze every last dime out of the #$%$ who would bid this up to where it is today 3) has probably already cashed in. Does he think that if he says it enough times that all of these other companies are going to show up at an auction for NFLX. I mean how stupid are you guys really? Nobody is going to buy this company for a dollar more than $30/share and even that probably isn't a good entry point. You longs really put the #$%$ back in funny....

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      • I'm up $300,0000 so far on my shares and options. How much are you down on your short?
        You are just as dumb as the next guy. Fool. Money. Parted.

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    • Your mouth is irresponsible and ideas are a joke. I guess your cant afford the monthly Netflix fee or you would realize how good the service is. Oh wait, go ahead and fix your free Facebook page or Linkden page if you actually work. Keep losing money with your horrendous shorts.

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