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  • classactionlawsuitsonnakedshrts classactionlawsuitsonnakedshrts Dec 3, 2012 6:19 PM Flag

    I bet you wished you sold and bought Amzn shares and calls Amazon to take over Ebays main listing revenues

    Ha ha ha, not only do we not take you shorts seriously, no shorts exist that would short AMZN, right before it breaks through its 52 week high. Not only that but we know most of the bashers on the AMZN board are really long just trying to get shares and calls a little cheaper since they mostly just go straight up. So many reasons to go long AMZN ahead of its best earnings report in the history of the company but the newest and greatest is how they are going to take 30-40% of what Ebay has had for many years, I was wondering what took AMZN so long when they could have taken the marketshare anytime from the private sellers on the web, those that run a business offf selling 50 things a month or in a different category of 500 or 5000 things a month.
    Amazon just picks an area, says we can do better and take the money and the marketshare and they always do because they dominate anybody that tries to go head to head with Amazon . I suggest you dump Netflix before Icahn does, I can pretty much guarantee he is already dumping to retail sheep.
    You can compare Netflix to Amazon like this. Amazon is a brand name Dilaudid going up in value and about to slice throught its 52 week high like butter. Netflix is a cheap generic round dilaudid so cheap and it won't even get a real man high at all, it won't even get the little ho's high that come around complaining.

    They are going lighter with their EBAY shares, holding long just less shares, with the money that was in EBAY shares they are buying EBAY puts just in case AMZN really hurts EBAY listings as so far experts agree Amazon is doing everything right in some cases to simplify the personal auction listings. The big boys are buying Ebay puts as insurance for a big fall. (in this case 10-15 points) and AMZN calls as big boys see a move above Amazons 52 week high this week, (an 87% probability) the target was raised to 314 and Amazon has a habit of reaching targets very quickly. I saw 3 separate 50,000 US dollar sales of EBAY stock and immediatly 300 of the Jan 250 amzn calls and 170 of the Jan 285's then 25 of the 290's and 25 of the 295's immediately following the 150,000 shares of EBAY dumped. Then 200 of the 50.00 and 52.50 puts of EBAY then if that wasn't enough 265 270 275 Jan Amzn calls 150 contracts each. Listen I am long Ebay shares, I'm just smart enough to protect them with 10 times my long shares in EBAY puts and 100 times my AMZN shares in calls. A 100 or 200, wish I had 100 of the Jan 310 calls, we are talking new E350 Benz when Amazon reaches its target of 314 by Jan 19th. Not only is everyone long Amazon and fighting over shares but the 20% of Hedge Funds that are down on the year will all pile in AMZN for the ride north of 300 by Jan 15th. It can change a losing hedge funds year from being down and having redemptions to being up 5-7% on the year.$$$ The next 50 days that Amazon goes straight up if you can't make up for the rest of your years mistakes, you don't belong in the market. Get out of NFLX that can go straight to 60 and get in AMZN heavy on margin,AMZN is the most loved stock and the dips are always bought. The shorts have been smacked around and burned so many times that only 2% of AMZN is short. This is why the mms can push AMZN up 9 out of ten days and then take AMZN up 10 or 15 points in 1 day. The new target of 314 on AMZN could get over 300 in a hurry and reach its target by January 15th. With as much as Netflix owes on content, it is staggering.

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