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  • singhlion2001 singhlion2001 Jan 4, 2013 2:47 PM Flag


    Proven criminal reed hastings off balance sheet billing fraud stripped naked

    this criminal has been not able to afford content and has been quietly getting away his fraud.....

    how much content this criminal has lost and why?

    he spins every -ve fraud for cover up into scam +ve spins

    his movie content library shrank from 65% to 25%

    he started his fraud with movie streaming hype scam and all of a sudden #$%$ could not afford it and switched his spin fraud to old tv content

    his $9.99 offering was pure fraud in 2010 as warned by lion and roared math does not add up....what unfolded? All roars proven right

    he raised the rates but math still did not add up and #$%$ ran out of cash on balance sheet..and $400m fraud quiet secret funding by nexus scam gang again with planned fraud loot next phase for 2012 ...

    trowe price criminals participated as goldman sachs criminals cashed out with bid fraud dumping , cashed billions in the bubble along with morgan stanley............

    when ever one scam partner exited , these criminals brought in another fraud partner for concentrated scam bag holding for manipualtion loot scam...

    all scam gang partners have been stripped naked by lion broadcasting since 2010 till today..............

    all fraud proven but s.e.c. Criminals still providing complete protection shield for more on going loot...................

    all whistles blown usa:
    fbi warned
    criminal division at doj warned
    obama warned
    financial/banking committee warned
    finra./s.e.c warned

    all fraud analyst and these bankster criminals were warned too and still being warned.......................

    but loot cam continues without fear in usa?

    who rules usa now? Lion warns usa 99%

    usa hijacked by home grown financial al qaeda led by bankster terrorists
    and high treason criminal rulers in their pockets

    americans are history without revolution: dr. Paul craig roberts is right on..

    Sentiment: Strong Sell

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