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  • holywallst holywallst Jan 31, 2013 7:14 PM Flag

    Why daytrade any other stock other than NFLX? This is why I stick with NFLX

    Because there are 2 scenarios with NFLX every day:

    Scenario #1: Bubble stays inflated with its intraday spikes, dips, rallies and few & movement up & down all day long.

    In this scenario, you can daytrade both ways and make daily profits, lock the profits before 4 pm and have a good night's sleep and you can do it every single day until the bubble stays inflated and Scenario #1 lives on...

    Scenario #2: The bubble bursts on some news some morning in the premkt, news that will just serve as a catalyst for namesake to burst the bubble. I dont know, hypothetically speaking, lets say if the co. announces a bazillion secondary shares at $110 or say IF SEC charges the CEO, or say House of Cards falls flat & competitors blow NFLX out of the water, or if the market itself corrects drastically and we race into a bear market.

    So if you get Scenario#2 some morning in pre-mkt, your trading opps are OVER and I will never daytrade calls on NFLX as then it will have entered a Bull Killa mode as there will be no bottom in sight, just like right now there is no top in sight since it is in Bear Killa mode.

    So with those two scenarios, why trade any other stock any day of the week????

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    • scenario #3 : you buy for an intraday trade..... nflx is halted at 11h30 (news pending) than boom a $45 gap down....... than ur crushed....

      scenario #4 : same as #3 but with a BS news to pump the stock and a $25 gap up when you were short for an intraday trade....

      Please, you better add many scenarios if you want to kepp being alives for many more years of trading.....

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      • scenario of NFLX being halted intraday has the same probability of any stock that I trade halted intraday. (thats why keep your daytrades mostly within minutes and rarely for hours)

        Also, does that mean I am going to leave trading because stocks have an inherent low risk of being halted intraday on any given day, only to gap up or gap down?

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