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  • holywallst holywallst Feb 1, 2013 5:16 PM Flag

    $9.5B mkt cap, cash at hand only in the $200Ms, & co. did not issue secondary shares yet. LMAO

    SO get this folks, whether you are long or short. You will find this funny:

    1. The co. has a $9.5B market cap (B as in billions) and since earnings, mkt cap shot up like $4B or so, simply because they announced $9M in profit last quarter.

    2. Cash at hand is in the $290Ms or so if I understand correctly.

    3. P/E is 560s but PEG ratio (which is much more accurate than PE) is 10+ which means it has priced in that NFLX will not only beat consensus next time, but also beat it by 10 times as much. Thats priced in the stock price already. LOL

    and yet, MMs take it higher and higher and you say its not a bubble????

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    • so what we should do stay long or be short ?????

      • 1 Reply to albairbishara
      • Well I am a daytrader, so I dont "STAY" long or short for more than an hour. If my daytrade lasts more than an hour, I already consider that as a defeat for me even if I end up making money on that trade.

        You have to get in, and you have to get out lightning quick, scalp the profits, lock 'em and get ready for the next trade, and keep the cycle going. With co. like NFLX that dont trade on fundamentals and valuations anymore, a PE of 500 can turn into PE of 5000 or 50000 or a PE of 0.05 too in no given time. It is so irrational that you have to be a daytrader scalping here and there and you cannot hold it long or short overnight. Thats just my personal opinion, you do what you feel is right.

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    • Yet I am forced to daytrade CALLs and play the upside and scalp it for a few bucks daily as DAYTRADE only even when I know what a huge bubble this could eventually turn out to be...

      but sometimes you have to adapt in life and when the market plays a stock irrationally, so should you!

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    • I don't get you, you'e sentiment says strong buy and now it seems you are bashing the stock price?

      • 1 Reply to gambling2m
      • No. I am not actually bashing the stock price. If you look carefully enough, I was talking about the co. and it;s fundamentals. They completely suck so maybe saying that I was bashing the co. would be more accurate.

        Stock price is different than the co. They are completely disconnected in a way for NFLX. The worse the co. does, the better the stock price may do in the future, who knows.

        Thats why I was marveling that I have been turned into a bull now, buying CALLs on a co. that is in such a dire condition and getting worse by the day as I see it. Thats why "Strong Buy" sentiment on a c**ppy co. LOL

        Sentiment: Strong Buy

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