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  • trading_god trading_god Feb 3, 2013 10:45 AM Flag

    I am short. Nasdaq can hit 3200 next two days.

    Logical thinking is cover now and short at higher price. Not this time. Best thing long can expect is hovering above green while Nasdaq hits 3200 beofore it reverses. I won't daytrade. I will sit it out after putting my "buy to cover" order in 130's. This is the trade of the month. I was lucky enough to short at 172.38 Friday. I was going to wait until Nasdaq hits 3200 but I had to jump in following medium pop. Look at Relative Strength Index on NFLX. Last week stock went higher than previous week, but still strengh is lower. NFLX shot a load, ready to roll over and sleep.

    Once this thing cleses below 160 nobody will touch this #$%$.

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    • Wow you've been posting on this since around the time I was born. Taking a quick look at his posting history folks it looks pretty solid. Way better than mine which is atrocious. Got short at 170 myself. Looks like the show house of cards is getting good reviews so we'll see where it gets priced premarket tomorrow.

      TG, is it just me or are there a ton of good stocks out there still priced really low in this supposed bull market? I'm thinking Canadian oil and gas, gold miners (non-juniors), coal stocks, and even some tech stocks that actually turn a profit. Seems like its only a bubble market in some big names not across the board. I'm guessing companies even with PE below 10 will still get taken down either way though..

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      • I am always following major indexes. I don't buy any stocks when I feel market is about to fall. And PE under 10? Perhaps there is reason it is overlooked. I usually have no patience to be an investor. I like active stocks, I look for over-reacted stocks. I am trader. But I screen what is popping up. If stock takes off from horizonal line for good reason I don't short. NFLX is a different case. Popping up after massive rally, that is a good short I see.

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