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  • i_gotta_have_more_cowbell i_gotta_have_more_cowbell Feb 6, 2013 4:57 PM Flag

    It defies logic

    NFLX must be female :) Kidding. But seriously, we all agree there is no reason to be priced here, except that we're priced here. I'm seriously thinking I need to straddle my puts at the very least, yeah, it shouldn't go higher, but it probably will, so why dig in my heels? Time to just go with it, and try not to lose my shirt like back in '11.

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    • looks like you are NOT daytrading those CALLs or PUTs. bad bad boy!!!

      no wonder your PUTs are hurting you. i have been seeing the premiums collapse rapidly on them. Told ya, DAYTRADE it only and daytrade CALLs for now. You thought $174 was too high yesterday, today its $184, based on short squeeze it could be $194 tomorrow, and then $204 on Mon

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      • Daytrading is hit or miss for me, chased stocks many times, sell too early or too late, for me I like to use deep in the money options with a longer time frame, and capture what I think the overall movement will do as opposed trying to nail down specific price points. I see both directions from here; down side correction on fundamentals, so I'm not abandoning my March 190's, and then upside potential based on technicals that do put it 300-400.

        Some deep in the money calls would insulate the position, and with enough movement in either direction, I can sill be a winner. Though I'm not ready to straddle just yet, since that's really a bet on volitility, and I think we have some sideways motion to overcome before volitility will return. It's also entirely possible to acheive both a correction to 130, and a rally to 300+ in a short time frame, so both bulls, and bears can be correct at the same time for near term outlooks.

        Frustrating, and exciting at the same time.

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