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  • fuadaslam fuadaslam Feb 15, 2013 4:09 PM Flag

    Higher high on lower volume . Can some one explain if this is a bullish or bearish sign ???

    Nflx have closed above its 52 weeks high for the past three days , but the volume is decreasing . I am I am not a chart expert . Can someone explain if this is a big sell signal , or a sign of another breakout ?? Thanks in Advance.

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    • Typically it points to likely top or bottom(if rising top) and a reversal or flatness in stock price. Netflix may be a different story but i doubt it

    • This is what may have happened - a short squeeze was underway on Wed as vol increased. Thur and Fri as the price approached 190 big money players were selling 190 calls and selling stock to keep it under 190. This thwarted the squeeze and volume dropped. I think the squeeze continues Tue and Wed with higher vol.

    • Typical for a stock like this. This is get'n ready for another explosive move up. It is only natural that people are tentative in buying here, as people are waiting at the sideline for a pull back to get in - the pull-back that never came. Next earning it will go to 500.

    • No buyers, about at 10 EST only about 70k shares has been traded i didn't see anything like this before, after pumpers started to trade it to each other, so increamentally about 30-40k. This manipulation

      Sentiment: Strong Sell

    • This is trying to hard to punish both CALL/ PUT option players this week. Next week we should see some down side now that the OPEX is over. Also, this stock is coming up with some what positive news every day and that is keeping it high, I can guarantee you that this will be shorted heavily prior to next ER. GL.

      Sentiment: Sell

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      • One would have to think that the upside from here is minimal. lol It will only be a matter of time before bigt boys start dumping this one. Stops are already in place and when triggered will fall hard. And some longs on here will ack utterly amazed like they didnt know to take profits up here. Come on people, just look at the valuation. Still lost 50 million last quarter. haha

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