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  • jimp_22000 jimp_22000 Feb 17, 2013 9:38 AM Flag

    Hedge Funds heavy in NFLX?


    I think individual investors are starting to learn that if Hedge Funds are heavy in the stock they will get out and leave the individual investors holding the bag as is demonstrated by what has happened to APPL. I have many friends that kept repeating the cnbc mantra on Apple that if the stock falls I'll just buy more and now I'm starting to hear that from NFLX players too. I use the word players because if you're an investor in NFLX you haven't been paying attention because Hedge Funds aren't investing, they're playing.

    On an off topic: since there were zero net jobs created since the Bush tax-cuts yet the wealthy are wealthier and the banks and big business are making record profits shouldn't the government tax the living hell out of those people since they won't create jobs? I thought the way to increase taxes was to increase the number of people paying them but the politicians, banks, big business and the wealthy seem to have established a system to reduce the size of the middle class and increase the size of the poverty stricken class. Am I seeing things?

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