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  • sybil_lives sybil_lives Feb 20, 2013 11:57 AM Flag

    Now that bandwaggon shorts covered yesterday and this morning

    Robots are gonna back the steamroller over their dead bodies on the way back down the cliff. Too funny... Sybs in short at an avg of 172 and will hold those forever.... Sybil will add (subtract really) another lot of shorts in the 205-207 range (the 61.8% fib retracement line from the 303 to 50 collapse). What a pig! At a short interest of 25% a month ago, This monster killed a ton of sub $100 shorts.

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    • Syb's. I am not short NFLX. I have been watching it. So in your opinion, new shorts should wait for 61.8% (205-207), before going short

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      • Sybs opinion: scale in Short the underlieing in responsible increments and hold em az 'forever shorts' . Sybs oprned a lot at 165, scaled in another at 185, and iz prepared to fire off another at 207. In sybils opinion, an opening position any where in these levelz iz fair game and a money maker, but when playing a bubbilicious parabola you cant bet stupid and you must be willing to take any pain that comez your way. If you blink and panic out you'll be done and miss the ridedown outta fear.

    • Lotso Poor slobz were short sub 100, and they got murdered like a model visiting pastorious and only after they all covered will this pig back down the hill trampling over their dead bodiez.

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