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  • luciferase666 luciferase666 Mar 14, 2013 1:35 PM Flag

    Many in Washington proposing a bill that could have prevented "connecticut shooting"

    The proposal known as "Good employee, Good citizen" is circulating among legislature leaders in Washington. The proposal is a voluntary statewide employee registry program that would be known as "Good employee , Good citizen" reward program. This is an effort to provide the following: Better economic incentives and opportunities for low and middle income earners, stop illegal sales of guns, stop unregistered gun sales, get drug dealers off streets by offering incentives , identify and prosicute fraudulent businesses and white collar crimes, accumulate and retain accurate medical records and discourage those who possess guns that shouldn't. These are just some of the benefits of the "Good employee, Good citizen" program is seeking. How the program works: For a $300.00 fee , the volunteer gets a complete FBI and medical history check. Once the check is completed and there are no crimminal issues, the states that have the program issues a picture state employee "Good employee, Good citizen" I.D. card for use of employment under state and federal terms of a profit distribution program with their employer. For current and future businesses with 100 or more employees, the employer will enter into a mandatory maximum of a 90/10 profit distribution program with state registered employees once 100 or more employees of the current company(s) or corporation(s) are state employee registered under "Good employee, Good citizen". For current and future businesses with less than 100 employees , the employer will enter into a mandatory minimum 20/80 profit distribution program with gradual increases of profit distribution per incremental increases of state registered employees. Profit distribution would occur within 2 weeks of the end of the quarter. As an example of profit distribution, if company A makes 85 million in profits after expenses in the quarter, the employer would have to distribute profits with the state registered employees .

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    • also known as "Good employee , Good citizen". Thus if company A has 200 of its employees out of the 400 that are "Good employee, Good citizen", company A would distribute 90% of its profits to the 200 state registered employee. Thus , $382,500.00 would go to each of the 200 "Good employee, Good citizen" within 2 weeks after the end of the quarter. Many senators believe this may have prevented the connecticut shooting as well as many others. Who in any company earning profits would not want to register as an " Good employee, Good citizen".? Can you say crimminals? White collar crime subjects? What drug dealer would not want to be motivated to earn such profits?

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      • FAQ concerning "Good employee, Good citizen" bill . 1)Can illegal aliens join "Good employee, Good citizen"? Yes they can . Illegal aliens can register for a $1000.00 fee . However they cannot participate in a profit distribution program until they become U.S. citizens. Their I.D. card will say " Good employee, non-citizen". So it's best for them to first become U.S. citizens and then register for a $300.00 fee.

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