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  • bkjh448 bkjh448 Mar 15, 2013 8:03 AM Flag


    I thought I'd start a thread that's actually TRUE!
    But I'm not going to bump it 10 times a day like the idiot, know-nothing longs trying to pump this POS!
    It's funny they use something that's blatantly false and easily verified.
    It's clear they are pumping to other retailers as stupid as they are.
    Never seen a better example of a stock trading on the "greater fool" theory.
    Guess that's why the motley fools like this POS.
    They are almost out of cash so we'll see out it does when some clear eyed analyst talks about nflx as a "going concern" if sub growth slows.

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    • This "POS" is up more than 300% in six months. I dare you to find another "POS" that will do as well...

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      • POS is a non-technical term that was coined, or at least popularized, by then Internet analyst Henry Blodget who used it in an email to refer to AOL near the top of the Internet bubble. He was talking about a bloated stock that trades in no relation to its earnings or cash flow. And like AOL when it pops it ends badly for those who thought those little details don't matter and the stock can only go up based on hype and a vague sense that it will dominate its space and eventually generate earnings to match its bloated valuation. But if it burns through all it's cash first, debt and secondary are issued on unfavorable terms making it even more difficult to generate earnings in an increasing competitive space. Nflx is priced for massive growth based on limited competition. What happens when deep pocketed competitors get serious as Amazon and Redbox Instant clearly are? Yes, this has had an unbelievable run fueled by short covering and a manipulated earnings report. If you were lucky enuf to ride that, take your money and run. But if you bought up here, not so smart, ESP. If market takes a turn.

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