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  • t_e_n_k_a_y t_e_n_k_a_y Mar 22, 2013 4:46 PM Flag

    Global Internet TV

    I'm a fan of K-dramas or Korean Dramas. Some people like Bollywood, some people Hong Kong, some Japan, but there's something about the Korean dramas which I find appealing.

    Looks like I'm not the only one who likes foreign fare:

    "The Netflix audience's viewership of content labeled "alt genre" โ€” about 40,000 titles that are mostly international shows โ€” rose 70% in January from a year earlier."

    "Streaming not only allows users to sample quickly but also lowers their resistance to experimenting with different types of shows. "You hit 'play.' You don't love it, you hit 'back' and go to something else," says Lisa Nishimura, vice president of content acquisition for Netflix. "

    I really relate to this. Netflix increases experimentation. I watch all sorts of stuff that previous to netflix streaming I wouldn't have given a chance because it was too much hassle bringing/returning to the video store, or even too much time wasted ordering the disc by mail.

    "Provocative titles from HBO and other cable channels have elevated the tastes of an American audience accustomed to milquetoast shows from big networks, Forssell says. Cable shows "paved the road. Shows like Breaking Bad, Mad Men," he says. "And that process has people thinking, 'I don't care about accents. I just want great story telling.' They're now more willing to experiment."

    And just about every Netflix title has subtitles. Heck, I use subtitles with Scottish, Irish and English dramas because sometimes the accents make it hard to catch every word.

    "Netflix has more than 130 partners that feed its international video lineup, including Viki, DramaFever and foreign studios."

    Just to give you an idea of the quantity of foreign material, in the U.S. 700 films are released every year in our theatres, but globally 8000 films are released annually. India, Nigeria, Korea, Russia etc., etc., It's a big world out there, and that's why we need a Global TV Station. Hello, Netflix.

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