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  • tpope_5 tpope_5 Apr 10, 2013 12:38 PM Flag

    Going Up??

    I wonder if it's time to get back in long?? Any suggestions? I shorted at this stock is killing me. Need advice please!

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    • I covered 50% of my shorts at $167 and $165.63. Waiting for NFLX moves up a bit then I will short more again. leaving 50% just in case NFLX may go down to $159 like Monday. I am a day trader. I like to get in and out at the same day. Last trade I had held for 5 days.

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    • how is the stock killing, having gone up $2? or are you just panicking prematurely.
      What is your exposure?

      I'm short, but not getting caught up in the short time gyrations, because I believe that the stock will fall eventually, and fall hard. Just my opinion.

      My stop is 185, and if it doesn't hit that before earnings I will go into earnings short.

      I think you will see a lot of selling next week, as funds who have made big money will not risk loosing a chunk of it if earnings are bad, which they could be! There will BIG SELLING next week.

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    • You short at $166 , not eve up $3 and it's killing you !!!!!!!!! gee you're then going to be crush hard one of these days.........

      Learn to hedge yourself or go less heavy..............

    • NFLX is at its near high. Short or sell NFLX at or above $169. Shorts should have covered at $165 this morning. Be patient and wait for awhile. If you look at the 10 days chart, NFLX is at resistance $170. NFLX had a breakdown on Mon, Apr 8, to $159. Based on the past 5 days, the support is at $163. Buy at support; Sell at Resistance. Just calm down.

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    • OK, Netflix stock is GUARANTEED to go down now, I'm about to buy in long at $169. Mark my words lol... If you're smart, you'll sell short once I buy, it's guaranteed to drop $1 - $3 in a matter of minutes!

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      • Trading is purely based on human psychology. They test your nerve; they pull the rug and see how many weak hands fold. You are a victim of trading psychology. I would say do exactly opposite of what you think should happen. Many times MMs want you to believe that the stock will go up but it won't.

        In general, don't short a stock when market is going up or is already up. Buy puts when market has had a good run because it always pulls back a little. Secondly, don't be too greedy. Always sell the rips and buy the dips.

      • FSTO is at 80, which is high reading. NFLX is at its near high. I would sell or short at this point. Shorts should have covered this morning at $165. Calm down and wait for NFLX to come down. Buy at or below 165 Sell at or above 169.

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