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  • kgolesorkhi kgolesorkhi Apr 23, 2013 8:25 AM Flag

    Can somebody tell me why such a high price and PE for NFLX ???

    The earnings numbers are poor and low. I can not find a justification for it at all ........

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    • Um, more buyers than sellers???? What do I win?

    • I can't explain the various attitudes, but these are definitely driving speculation.

      Netflix has dominance in a new emerging industry. Despite all the talk about competition from Amazon and Verizon, those firms have not shown much energy, have not gotten out of the starting blocks.

      Netflix is constantly taking the initiative suggesting they can hold their own with big bucks competition.

      Netflix is holding customers, contrary to concerns about churn. Ditto with 'one month free.' Few people are using this promotion to watch new shows and then bugging out.

      Netflix is now dominate enough (more subscribers than HBO) that they may be able to turn the tables on content providers - negotiate from a position of strength. (Although sceptical in other ways, I am increasingly convinced this will happen to the benefit of internet streaming because theaters continue downward and cable operators just have fragments of the viewer market.)

      There is potentially a lot of money in streaming. For example, in newer movies Coinstar's DVD kiosks (inconvenient, late charge hits, limited selection, etc) are grossing about $500 million. That alone if brought to the bottom line (a big if) would be $10/sh to Netflix earnings.

      I'm not high on Netflix (particularly at this price) but the mojo makes some sense.

    • Simple, it's call a short squeeze, a lot of shorts will get margin call today, & well beforce to cover, & of course their well be new shorts who think this is the top. Nflx will hit $300.

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