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  • t_e_n_k_a_y t_e_n_k_a_y Apr 28, 2013 3:43 PM Flag

    "Arrested Development Marathons Will Destroy The Second-Quarter Economy"

    "Employers of the world should begin planning now for the fact that no one will be at work on Monday May 27th due to exhaustion from a collective, worldwide all-nighter on the 25th/26th watching the hotly anticipated new episodes of Arrested Development.

    "The entire season is being released at 12:01am on the 26th … and, conceivably, the mature among us could wait until a reasonable time on Sunday, perhaps have a post-brunch marathon, and still be at work with bells on Monday morning.

    "But we all know that won’t happen. Everyone will stay up all night, pass out, wake up, watch more, and call in sick on Monday … because if you’re old enough to have been a fan of Arrested Development, you’re too old to bounce back that quickly from an all-nighter and too immature to just go to bed. (Trust me on this.)

    "The simultaneous release of all 15 new episodes of Arrested Development on NetFlix is sheer genius. After seven years of deprivation and speculation and anticipation and various other -ations over whether it would be a movie or new episodes or happen at all, the world deserves this."

    My comment: Don't even think about going short until after AD is released. There are too many AD fanatics out there who are promoting the show free of charge for Netflix. You can argue all you want about the sky high p/e and the cost of content, but Netflix is not going down during the buildup to AD4. I see nothing that can equal AD4 for the rest of the year, so it could be the peak for some time.

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