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  • momentum_train momentum_train Aug 13, 2013 12:31 PM Flag

    Momentum Train Tip: TSLA is THE strongest momentum stock!

    Momentum Train gives best tip: Tesla Motors (TSLA) is THE strongest momentum stock on the market currently. It has gone up 400% in the past year, but it is still at the very beginning of the rally because it released another surprisingly outstanding quarterly report again and Consumer Report rated TSLA car with a score of 99, the highest score ever given to any car in the history. Tesla has the best car of the year and ever. This young company has explosive revenue growth rate of 1400%. Tesla is becoming the best automaker in the world. It is the best time to buy Tesla for the explosive growth of your money in the future.

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    • I think people overpaid this stock yesterday just for the Weinstein deal. It is just an extension of the old deal. And the deal does not even start until 2016. Most importantly, the company did not even disclose how much it will cost. Is it even worth it? I seriously doubt the company can generate enough new customers to offset the increased cost. TSLA on the other hand had the REAL good news yesterday. TSLA Model S car got the highest safety rating ever given to any car. That will sure increase TSLA sales without adding any extra cost to TSLA. I think TSLA is the one that really strikes gold yesterday.

    • Not sure why this stock goes up at all. It is just an extension of contract with an existing provider. And it is not even a major studio. I do not think it will increase any subscriber number at all. On the other hand, TSLA is the one that gets an extremely good news again today. TSLA car just got rated the highest safety score ever. Its model S is now the safest car in the world. That will ensure TSLA sells a lot more cars at high prices to rich people who care about safety more than anything else.

    • Just for the time being on the momentum train everything looks fine, When rhe cars electric system and supply or other problems come up, watch the fall like Niagra.

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      • Don't imagine things that did not happen and let it skew your judgement. Just hop on THE strongest momentum train, TSLA, and make easy money everyday. TSLA is already up more than 3% today. Young TSLA with 1400% revenue growth rate naturally will be a lot stronger than this almost no growth matured company.

      • I don't think so. Elon was good to tell people where the bottle neck of TSLA is. Most CEO does not even tell you that. I feel more comfortable investing in TSLA after the frank informatin from the CEO. And Elon explanations showed he knows exactly how to improve TSLA further. It tells me once he fixes the bottle neck, TSLA revenues will soar.

    • Very impressive for TSLA to buck the market down trend and go up today.

      Sentiment: Strong Sell

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      • Not only TSLA did not go down with the market yesterday, but also it is up again today. Super momentum train TSLA is THE strongest momentum stock on the market. TSLA with 1400% annual revenue growth rate with its stock only up 400% in the past year is a safer bet than this company with only 20% growth rate but the stock is already up 300%.

      • Whoever wants to subscribe to Netflix has probably done so already, so there is not much growth potential left for Netflix. However, whoever wants to buy Tesla car still cannot get it yet due to booking backlog. Tesla simply cannot make cars fast enough to meet the demand, so Tesla still have a lot of room to grow. And most consumers still does not know Tesla yet. Netflix is old. Tesla is still young. Hyper-growth has to be with Tesla, not Netflix.

    • lifesweetingreencountry lifesweetingreencountry Aug 14, 2013 11:35 AM Flag

      Yeah, Tesla is paving the way. Once they get the way paved, Toyota and GM will run over them.

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      • Not likely the existing big motor companies can replicate TSLA success. TSLA got the highest Consumer Report rating ever in the history. The big motor companies cannot even get close to that. GM even went bankrupt once already. Forget about quality at GM. TSLA CEO Elon Musk is just like Steve Jobs. He will eventually run over all the existing big motor companies. investing in TSLA now is just like investing in AAPL when Steve Jobs first came back to AAPL. A lot of room for TSLA to grow. It is just the beginning.

    • It, buy TSLA if you want to follow Elon Musk. :-)

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