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  • zoomlik zoomlik Apr 15, 2010 8:24 PM Flag

    maybe it is low becasue

    I am long this stock and was just trying to find a fundamental reason for the sell off ...

    institutional investors typically consider peg of 1 as a good buy .. so even of this industry grows at 10%, p/e=10 would be a good buy

    I think this sector is growing faster .. maybe 25% a year !!!

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    • The stock was up in the morning. It slowly lost it. It got down to about $18.50 level, and panic set in.
      Everybody was figuring it was going up, at least to $20 near term, and saw the charts showing up bounces in the high
      $18 range.

      Out of no where, when it did not find support in the mid $18, it went for its first drop, with some shorting hedge funds triggering it. The stock went to the lower $18, and rebounded nicely back to mid $18 range.

      All looked okay then, as the market as a whole was decent.

      But, the shorts had a different mind set, as they jumped on it and it lost it fast, going to upper$17, with larger volume following.

      So, what this means: Shorts got it going down into the gap area.

      Tomorrow there will be a floor, and the stock gets going again and people will see that this company has fantastic earnings and definite, I mean real definite growing earnings, you can bank on.