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  • soulec soulec Feb 22, 2013 9:44 AM Flag


    HP earnings were the old wall street special, earnings and guidance surprise after lower expectations were estimated by analyst and nothing excites WS more than job cuts to fix the bottom line. But it worked and all of a sudden, everyone is excited!!!!

    Looking at numbers nothing to be excited about and nothing new that XRTX, STX and WDC haven't already discussed in their CC/guidance. Especially with enterprise drives, etc.

    With that said, new metrics are what we will all have to learn as companies like XRTX move towards data cloud solutions. The software license and ownership of Lustre was one of the final components of managements move to the larger system data platform and the new direction of big data, cloud and storage management.

    I still like the direction of XRTX and management, its the future of data storage and distribution to all devices!


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    • Funny, I was just skimming HPQ's Txscript. HPQ seemed most excited about their new 3PAR(XRTX)product. This utilizes XRTX' new "converged storage" design incorporating storage, servers, compute etc into one stack:

      "..with our focused area of converged storage performing extremely well while we transition away from our traditional storage product. As a result, we will now be breaking out converged storage from traditional storage.."

      HPQ forecasting stronger targeted revenue growth as they move thru 2013 in cloud and big data. Almost certainly using converged storage products. How much of that will be XRTX, I have no idea. But again HPQ seemed very excited about their new XRTX converged storage product(3Par) and FWIW both Cray and Pentaho support HPQ's comments in backing up XRTX claims with their own PR's(Cray and Pentaho PR's) stating Clusterstor is by far the fastest I/O yet lowest TCO big data storage in the world.

      Yesterday Wikibon came out with a revised Big Data worldwide revenue estimate going from $11B in 2012 to $48B in 2017. That is literally double the growth estimates made last year by IDC. I can see why XRTX is excited about Clusterstor.

      Google Wikibon Big Data Vendor Revenue and Market Forecast 2012-2017

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      • Once again, HPQ is today's darling. XRTX' 3Par appliance is at the heart of HPQ's CC this afternoon. Meg Whitman mentioned their 3par product no less than six times and was easily their most talked about product; it's their strongest.

        Overall their storage revenue was down 13% but within that, converged storage is up 48%. Included in their converged storage numbers is 3Par which is up 82% YOY.