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  • cben15606 cben15606 Apr 18, 2013 10:01 AM Flag

    Vadim Perelman comments on XRTX blog

    "I am encouraged by the early results that the Company is seeing in our ClusterStor growth initiative and its potential to increase shareholder value in the future."

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    • LOL.....well what do you expect someone to say that owns 23% of a company!!!!! Funny, but he said this before...

      "Baker Street believes this valuation discrepancy is largely due to the flawed strategy of reinvesting
      substantial profits from the Company's mature core businesses in loss-making and
      unproven HPC and Cloud initiatives."

      So?, its unproven technology that management wasted money on, now he applauds the flawed strategy he pointed out since he own 23% of the company and is trying to sell it to profit and take credit for managements hard work.

      It is what it is Ben, but Vadim walks like a duck, so you should see him as a duck. He has done absolutely nothing to increase shareholder value but to muscle his way in with money and offer another company a huge discount on future technology.

      I wish he would do his job in a hurry so I can take my money and profits somewhere else, this deal is signed, sealed and delivered, its just a matter of what our price per shares is, the only unknown left.

      My 2 cents, facts are facts, like me or not!

      You still in the HDD sector with STX/WDC?


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      • I don't disagree. Could be a mattier of convincing suitors that necessary investments will continue into Clusterstor thereby making XRTX a more attractive target for potential Baker st partners since that is where the growth is.

        Still in STX/WDC. If their FCF meets estimates they should be able to return more to shareholders. Wouldn't be surprised to see dividends increase if that's the case. I saw where STX' Evault launced an EMEA division and has/had something like 40,000 customers. Never really hear much otherwise about that except that I think STX is planning on developing Evault to where they eventually IPO it. Not sure if that will amount to much but seems like there is potential there.