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  • cben15606 cben15606 Apr 19, 2013 2:01 PM Flag

    Topic du jour

    Turns out the Boston marathon bombers are being killed tracked by chance. But that hasn't kept the FBI et al from using their increasing big data capabilities to hunt them. As prevention tools. big data and video will see strong growth. XRTX' recent partners like Pentaho and Avid are playing nascent but fast growing roles. Pentaho for their analytics and Avid for their specialized video data center.

    In 2011 Vancouver PD and security camera contractor partnered with Avid in the following case:

    "Vancouver police launched an appeal for public footage in response to the riots that followed the Vancouver Canucks defeat to the Boston Bruins in the Stanley Cup finals. Authorities established a system through which members of the public could hand in footage of the riots anonymously, collecting more than 5,000 hours of video in total. Using this information, police were able to arrest and convict more than 300 individuals for over 15,000 criminal acts."

    I think there are probably just a few more cameras out there today than in 2011