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  • investors_liberation_movement investors_liberation_movement Nov 17, 2013 1:01 PM Flag

    Beware of deceptive posts.

    For unwary newbies, chinabentmeover and sunnsailor are both among the myriad aliases
    used by the entity dubbed "banshee" on Yahoo! Message Boards.

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    • Banshee is a paid saboteur who prolifically "pollutes" Yahoo! Message Boards in order to ruin them
      as forums for legitimate discourse and to mislead readers. Ban Banshee!

    • What I distill from your postings is a complicated family situtuation with an admirable - though sometimes flawed – idealism, activism etc. while still keen trying to make some big bucks.

      I agree,the world is an increasingly tricky place, one has to be aware and beware at the same time.
      But for a second time I tell you, and know for certain, Sunnsailor is NOT the `Chinabentmeover` frustrated investor with multiple aliases and he (Sunnsailor) is a tireless warrior for pretty much comparable causes that you stand for, be it with a totally different approach, life-experiences etc. And ego`s!

      As far as I can tell you`re running 4/5 some aliases yourself and that`s not a problem, as long as we (and the newbies you`re so concerned about) can clearly see that and appreciate it`s intended effect of `different angles and diferent places to react`.
      Another thing is that your aliases seem to support each other ( thumbs) but that`s a Yahoo feature of which I don`t know is actually technically possible.

      And that`s because I use only one alias, just like like Sunnsailor.
      Then again I chose to use my own name, just like you, Mr Brandt.

      There is much buying gold in China going on, picking cherries of sorts I guess, for the wedding ceremony.
      We have these JADA shares, sour grapes for now, but who knows what the FUTURE holds in STOCK?

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      • sunnsailor is a she. chinabentmeover and vanmusicblues are other banshee aliases.
        This paid entity is a prolific poster on many other Yahoo! Message Boards often conducting hoax dialogs with myriad aliases. I'm not sure about you, ronalde.kool

        whbuncensored and investors_liberation_movement are the only two principle aliases used by William H. Brandt, the first for personal posts, the second in his capacity as Acting Chairman for Investors Liberation Movement.

        Sentiment: Strong Buy

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