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  • sunnsailor sunnsailor Nov 23, 2013 8:50 AM Flag

    GO SIGN UP WILLIE! ( China's People's Liberation Army loves whiners like you. )


    "The People's Liberation Army ( PLA ) is the military arm of the Communist Party of China (CPC) and the de facto armed forces of the People's Republic of China; being the world's largest military force, with a strength of approximately 2,250,000 personnel (about 0.18% of the country's population). The PLA comprises five main service branches, consisting of the PLA Ground Force, PLA Navy (PLAN), PLA Air Force (PLAAF), Second Artillery Corps (strategic missile force), and the PLA Reserve Force. Military service is compulsory, in theory, for all men who attain the age of 18; women may register for duty in the medical, veterinary, and other technical services at ages as young as 14. However, a draft in China has never been enforced due to large numbers of volunteers from China's huge population. Demobilized servicemen are carried in a ready reserve, which is reinforced by a standby reserve of veterans and by the militia." GO SIGN UP WILLIE!

    Gently ask Willie to please 'Stop Whining!' If he ignores you & continues whining, immediately shout a very loud, 'STOP WHINING!'. After a few repetitions, he'll get the idea & obey the first request of 'Stop Whining,' rather than get confined more to a pen or crate. Unusual whining or whining that starts suddenly when it never existed before may be Willie's way of telling you he's in heat for new loverboyz. See a veterinarian right away to be sure no mental health problems exist. Willie may STILL have symptoms of symbionese disease! Willie should be neutered / spayed asap. He'll be a lot happier as a EUNUCH, & will sing falsetto exceptionally better! Hong Kong should consider castrating Willie to change his whining behavior. We recommend it highly.

    Sentiment: Strong Buy

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    • How much were you paid to do your vicious ad hominem attack on me, banshee dog?
      Witness your violent rhetoric advocating forcible castration of me by a government.
      What does that reveal about your Fascist Wall Street sponsors' cravenly character?
      Aren't they the naked short-sellers you previously condemned. Ban banshee!

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