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  • sirius_yomama_2 sirius_yomama_2 Aug 15, 2011 11:00 AM Flag

    Hate to say it....

    but looking at the prices at the pump it seems like they are taking their time much longer then usual on going down....this is great news for TA fuel margin. I don't see why the street has a hard time rewarding TA. Its amazing.

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    • There is no growth in this INDUSTRY nobody wants a FUKIN truckstop in there neighborhood who wants to put up with trucks pulling in or out of a truckstop slow a$$ things, you can only put up with it so long what ever direction the wind is blowing thats the direction the diesel fumes will be going. The only growth is to grab some driver away from a Pilot /Flying J . The occasional truckstop opening isn't a boon to anybody........... No Growth Industry ........ Thats why TA keeps there price higher longer they keep there cash price 5-6 cents higher then P/FJ so where would you shop for your fuel. so your fuel margin is going to P/FJ ... It is amazing what you forget to say in your post, if i can see TAs profit is going to P/FJ why dont you.... nite all

    • Good find. That's refreshing to see that's he made those purchases. However, he owns something like 450,000 shares or more, so I'm sure the average price is near $1-2 /share.

    • sounds like Durig would weigh in (judging by reading his perceived aggravation in his analysis)

    • I am sure there is a few more people here that have more shares but are quite about it...if we can get 2M shares then 10% of the company can effect the decision making and direction of this company.

    • You guys jump on up and do it then! That is, if you think the stock should be 20? I don't, but maybe half that. And looks to me as if management has fairly large stock holdings. More than 250,000 shares. Is that enough to align management with stockholders?

    • i think just between me, you and trasport we control about 250,000 shares+/-

    • several things hurting TA still...(even at these extremely cheap valuations)
      * stock is under $5/share (which prevents many mutual funds from investing due to their charters)
      * small market cap
      * HPT relationship
      * inconsistent earnings
      I understand all the above..but like Gretzky, the great hockey player said, you dont go where the (hockey) puck "is", but where it is "going"...I believe where TA is going is much higher...the Street is looking at where it "is"...huge difference in perspectives...

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      • I think you missed the biggest one...the economy.

        Right now, people are worried about a double-dip...if that happens, it will hurt TA's business. And since TA has such high operating leverage, any change in people's perception of the economy is going to have an outsized impact on TA's stock price.

        Only thing to do is buy and wait for the sentiment on the economy to change.

      • I think one of the "biggest" impediments to the stock price is MANAGEMENT. Did you listen to the CC, especially the Q
        &A? O'brien was stuttering and stammering to answer the questions asked by analysts. The recent seeking alpha article shows that his interest are not aligned with shareholders.

        I know it won't happen, but we need new management.

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