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  • yellow_bird_house yellow_bird_house Mar 17, 2012 7:25 PM Flag

    $4.00 GAS AND 4.29 FOR DIESEL


    Food commodities going through the roof!too much printing!

    how does this affect the earnings of ta.i am not short.

    This topic is deleted.
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    • I hope this person can make enough money to buy a new laptop. Her/his CAPS lock button seems to be stuck on and that person is YELLING with every post. How tacky.....

    • The fact is that as the price "move higher" the fuel margin does get affected negatively...however during past couple of Qs they have been maintaining about 15 cents/gallon margin. IMO, for Q1 and going forward we might see 13-14 cents/gallon on the margin. But remember that TA make 75% of it profit from Non-fuel sales and they are usually stable on the margin around 56-57%. The only thing that will hurt TA if the economy take a nose long as the economy chugs along at this rate or get better TA will continue to outperform.

    • Ummm, so you care to source your hysteria, or do you live in Compton CA?

    • people still have to eat, print or no print. and trucks haul a majority of what people eat in the U.S. TA has learned to maintain their gross fuel margins much better in the last 1-2 years and that makes all the difference. So long as TA maintains the right gross margin on fuel they will make money.
      ps only down side is if fuel goes up too much and slows economy drastically and it could also tie up more working capital (ties up more cash flow with fuel payments to TA vendors for example).

    • Through the roof. Really? Yr source? You won't provide it. Is that you idk?

    • Printing will continue to drive up oil and other commodities. This IS what happens with loose money policy. Unfortunately neither party has the balls to do what is necessary to save America. Go long anything to do with energy as long as they are printing and China/India are growing.

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