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  • tickpara11111 tickpara11111 Dec 31, 2012 1:57 PM Flag

    Going back above $5.00

    New Petro Center opened on 95 in Carolina.Noting to do with HPT..TA is a GOWTH STORY!!!!!!!!

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    • It seems to cycle between about $4.3 and $5.8 and in the last couple of months dropped to the low end of the range for no good reason. Do you know if or when or under what circumstances they will ever be able to pay a dividend or buy back stock? Any thoughts on the nat gas installation project?

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      • Lennyclue-1000,,Tickpara not sure if TA will be able to pay dividends or buy back stock..I have my basket full with as much TA as a poor man trader could buy at the depressed prices we have seen all the way down to 4.20.Some blow hards on this board thought they were gonna pick this TA up for undre 4.00 ;well looks like they lost out.On the other hand smart home grown investors were buying all they could get of this TA at BELOW 5.00.Dont listen to the fly by night,,fast money maker,,quickbuck,,impatient,,educated fruitcake,,turkey vulture,,carcass eagle,,buzzard bird,,scavenger,,day traders that blow hard back,and forth to eachother on this board...THEY ARE FULL OF IT when they talk back and forth that investors in TA will never see value out of this stock;due to their BOLONEY about HPT taking all profits.They are trying to scare away would be buyers of TA.They are trying to get in cheep like the scavengers they are.WE WILL NEVER SEE UNDER 4.00 AGAIN;SORRY GUYS.As for the Natural Gas Project in time we will hear about it again;;;;;but in the mean time we will be going higher with.or with-out the blow hard,,educated,,fruitcake traders............................SEE YOU NEER $7.00.......notice this board is very quite=== GOOD SIGN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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