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  • kaptain_lou kaptain_lou Feb 18, 2013 10:44 PM Flag

    Please listen up ladies

    Okay, I know you like TA as a stock. It's an okay company. But with gas prices rising, profit margins are going to be very slim. It may be worth shorting a few shares at the current level and riding them down.

    If they are such a good company, then why don't they pay a dividend? hmmmmm.....

    kaptain lou

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    • Some people (the smarter of the bunch) tend to consider paying a dividend a failure by management. I'd much rather a company increase the value of my investment by using their cash to create growth rather than just give me their cash that they failed to find a productive use for. I know most people see a dividend as a promise of future profitability, but I'd prefer a higher stock price over a small cash payment (aimed at making you feel all warm and fuzzy inside) all day, e'ry day.

      Sentiment: Buy

    • I just put you on are adding nothing of value and are so limited in your due diligence as to not be up to speed on their dividend arrangement.

    • Their deal on rents with HPT does not allow a dividend.....

    • Fool thinks a company has to pay a dividend to be considered a good company? What an idiot....

    • Kaptain shorty....we know you are new and are playing the momentum here but do us all a favor and shut f up about TA's fundamentals. "But with gas prices rising, profit margins are going to be very slim" When you make comments like this among us longs that have been here for a couple of years than you look stupid. loooking back couple of years which includes rising and falling fuel prices you will see that TA averaged a 15 cent margin during weakest part of the recovery. We have been higher then current fuel prices and we still maintained around 14-16 cents per gallon which shows how well the management has dealth with margins and how the effects of consolidation in the industry favoring us. As the number of mom and pop operators shrink and get bought out by the 3 major players which includes TA these margins will get better and from there as the economy gets strong the fuel volume goes higher which will make our fuel profits swell massively.

      "If they are such a good company, then why don't they pay a dividend? hmmmmm....." BECAUSE they are growing their core business by buying new sites out right and investing internally!! hhhhhmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

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