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  • art_vandelay_7 art_vandelay_7 Mar 1, 2013 12:12 AM Flag

    Gotta love that corporate governance

    A shareholder now has to hold 3% of the company for 3 YEARS just to be able to nominate someone to the board of directors.

    This company is a frigging joke. I wouldnt buy even if it drops down to $2.00. Minority shareholders in this company are nothing but lemmings.

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    • Y R U so bitter? Do you even know #$%$ you're saying? Um, hello....if YOU owned 3% or more of a company and could NOMINATE a Board Member, wouldn't you? OF COURSE YOU WOULD, Because you want the company run IN YOUR BEST INTEREST...and That Interest is make the stock price go higher! Duh! You obviously have no clue how companies are run and why they're run they way they are. I do agree with you on the minority shareholders....but I won't use "lemmings" as a term. I'm long this company for a few different reasons, but I'm no lemming. I invested for technical and fundemental reasons. I could give a shipt who's on the board, but some people look at that...along with dozens of other reasons. Believe it or not this is a pretty strong company and unless something DIRE is released come earnings, this stock should pop to $8+ on it's way to 9/10$ The stock is retracing down the 50dMA which it will hit in the coming days (i.e. downward pricing) but it should bounc up after that. Earnings are March 13th, so if your so bitter, get it out now...because the good news is coming....and your bitterness will have to sweeten....I'm sorry you feel the way you do, but public corporations are a great, yet evil necessity in making money.

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      • I'm not sure what the heck you're talking about. The amendment to the bylaws basically prevents an activist shareholder from buying a stake in the company and nominating directors. The activist now has to buy at least 3% of the company (not a big deal) and hold that stake for at least 3 years. That means that if an activist starts buying now, it won't be able to nominate directors until 2016! How much $$ will RMR siphon off by then?

        And if you're a TA shareholder and don't know who RMR is, then you are the definition of a lemming.

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