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  • dogtickpara11 dogtickpara11 Apr 11, 2013 5:38 PM Flag

    WONT GO OVER $11.00 UNTIL WE SEE $9.20

    LISTEN TO DOGTICKPARA11...........TA stock will not go over $11.00.We are do for a good healty pullback;mark this post.Dogtickpara11 wiill not get it doddie styl;but those posters who doubt that we wont see a pull back before going over $11.00 will have there mouths full of stuff,and wont be able to say a word when they see TA stock at $9.20 before we resume our climb to the $20.00s..Dogtickpara11 sold off over half his TA shares in anticipation of this pull back to $9.20..Dogticpara11 holds 500 TA shares which is all house money;Now Dogtickpara11 will trade around his position in TA..Dogtickpara11 was telling all to buy,,buy,,buy all the way down to $4.20 back in nov-2012. When all else on this board were crying horse manure that TA share holders would never see value due to HPT parent company;;;what a bunch of manure..Now Dogtickpara calls for a healty pull back;and the same blow hards on this board sladner Dogtick with nonsense talk that Dogtickpara11 will get it doggie stly........WE SHALL SEE ???????????

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    • Doggy style good call.

    • Wow you may get your $9's afterall.

    • Doggystyle - know that we disagree on where the stock is headed in the short term, but I do love reading your posts, they are always quite humorous.
      Just remember, when the "big boys" as you call them, start loading up - it 's only going to hurt more if you know what I'm saying. The lumber they put behind this will send this up even quicker.
      Our float is still mice nuts at 400K shares traded per day. When you see a 1M+ day , the stock is going to shoot straight up like a #$%$ in the night.

      Sentiment: Buy

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      • In all seriousness as a home grown small time investor trading in this dark basement bitten up infested with Ticks;no joke.Dogtickpara11 bought as much TA stock as a poor man could back in nov-2012 when all on this board were crying nonsense about no value due to parent company HPT;Dogtickpara11 did not listen..I was able with some luck to catch the bottom,and made $5,000.00 on my TA investment.A WHOLE LOTTA MONEY for this small time dog..Now all i hold is 500 shares of TA all big boys money.All my other money is on sidelines;because Dogtickpara dont trust this market surge.My point is: Dogtickpara dont claim to know more then experianced investors on this board.Dogtickpara11 still holds 500 shares of TA,and is now going to try as a inexperienced trader to trade around my TA position.Dogtickpara11 sees with all honesty a pull back here;back to $9.50 before we brake $11.00 to my target longterm price of $20.00s.............. When i see a decent healty pull back Dogtickpara will buy back his 350 shares,and multiply on my money like other traders...Cant take sitting,and watching as the big boys will take this down to multiply there money as usual......The pull back starts tomorrow in ernest.....You will see.

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