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  • dogtickpara11 dogtickpara11 Aug 6, 2013 8:57 PM Flag

    Drop over

    Look at all the new rats on message board;these fly by night,,fast money maker,,impatient,,turkey vulture,,carcass eagle,,scavenger,,day traders are to be expected;just ignore them ,,they are to be a expected part of the roller coaster ride on our way to $ 20.00..............BUNCH OF HORSE MANURE THIS JIMMYSRIGHT MADE MONEY HERE............Him and the others are day traders that showed up here when they noticed TA was on the days down stock list.. These kind of punks always show-up......Dogtickpara 11 is buying....HELLO LONGS......

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    • Seems to me that the Company made money. Just not as much as expected.
      Due to 2 reasons. Higher oil costs, and reinvestment.
      Anybody who has ever run a small business knows that the only way to grow, is to reinvest.
      I don't know about any of you, but the last time I pulled off the highway and fueled up at TA, the place was packed. Lines at the pumps. Lines in the store. Huge parking lot packed with rigs.

      Might be right, might be wrong...personally, I bought on the dip yesterday.

      Best of luck.

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