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  • all2gether57 all2gether57 Sep 15, 2001 5:54 PM Flag

    About the attacks...

    About the attacks...

    I saw this on another board and was asked to pass it on. It's quite useful.

    It's about a message board that has just been set up for the discussion of the tragedy.

    I have reached out to VoterVoices who has a busy political message board just like the stock boards here and they have created a special message board for the discussion of the tragedy.

    The site normally has bustling discussions on the Palestinian/ Iraeli issues (and more) but today, as you might expect, the busiest thread is The Attack on the World Trade Center & The Pentagon.

    Well, the Osama Bin Laden board is pretty busy right now too.

    Before you say anything, the site is a free site, generates no revenue, so my interest here is simply in letting people know there's a dedicated forum where we can discuss the tragedy, share our grief, AND discuss what should be done.

    Already, there have been heartfelt notes from eyewitnesses and survivors, people who have lost loved ones, and even a person whose family member trained at the same facility where the hijackers are reported to have trained.

    Again, I just thought it might be something that you'd all find useful at a time like this.

    Take care.

    p.s. I am a regular poster (under another name) at other boards at Yahoo and CXW

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