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  • toptalk99 toptalk99 Mar 1, 2002 4:41 PM Flag

    I Like It!!!

    Now that was a good day!
    Are we tracking (actualy leading) the Dow, or is there good news coming next week - or a little of both?
    Any ideas on today's strong 4.5% move with less than 100k volume?
    Have a great weekend.

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    • I have good reason to believe that this stock goes to 21+ in the next 9 to 12 months. Lets just agree to disagree on this point. That way we will not wear out the others that follow this board. Time will tell. Good Luck.

    • I'm glad we agree on some things. If there are no surprises this company will do great in the long term.

      However, today's price action on the heels of seemingly good news could mean that the upcoming pullback could be worse than I thought.

    • I will agree that the management team at Tulsa is a good one. I will agree that the company philosophy is still in tact and standing strong.

      Please let me go on record that I along with many analyst disagree with your technical opinion. Like I said time will tell. It will not be long.

    • hold up there, how can say that.if a inmate wants to get into programs he will, and make himself better but if he refuses then so what. now i can understand what you mean about the rec. i dont think inmates should be shackled up when they are out for there 1 hr. rec.and just to let you i do carry a battle belt and it has gotten me out of alot of jams. i just think every cca facility is different. if a inmate needs to get gassed then he has it comming.that is just the way i feel. and to let you im not a fish in corrections i have been doing it for 10 yrs.

    • As can readily be seen on CXW'a big 3-month chart here on Y!-F [by placing a straight edge touching the intra-day highs (i-d h) from 1/18/02's through 2/13/02's and projecting forward], a 6-weeks old downtrend line (DTL) was penetrated (and hence, violated) last Friday, 3/01/02, when the DTL's value stood @ 16.83 and CXW's i-d h rose to 16.94.
      Its close @ 16.90 was also above the DTL's value.

      This is a "technically" propitious event.

      As of last Friday, CXW's 200-DMA (generally regarded as a significant support level) had climbed to 15.13, only 10.47% below CXW's close and only 5.44% below its 16.00 i-d low.

      In the 19 trading sessions from 2/01/02 to 3/01/02, CXW's 200-DMA has risen +0.92 of a point (an average of almost +0.05 of a point per trading session. Such approaching proximity above a significant technical support level can be regarded as a measure of (diminishing) investment "risk" at these levels and under these "technical" circumstances.

      CXW's 50-DMA sits about a third of a point above last Friday's i-d h. Penetration above the 50-DMA would be another "positive" technical omen.


      Note: For the past 3 months the General has encountered increasing difficulty in being able to post messages on Y!-F stock mbs (which is the main reason he's not appeared here or anywhere else). He has no way of knowing whether this attempt will be successful. If it is, there is no assurance that he will be able to succeed, again (albeit, very recently his batting average has improved).

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      • For those readers unfamiliar with the stock charts here in Y!-F, the General should have been more detailed in his explanation.

        Start with CXW's big 1-year chart.

        1. Superimpose the moving average option.

        2. Then select the "Bar" option rather than the standatd "Line" format.

        This will enable the reader to see the long-term rise in CXW's 200-DMA (green tracking) and note how long it's been since CXW traded below this technical parameter.

        3. Selecting the big 3-months chart period.

        This will enable viewing the recent DTL "violation" that the General wrote of in the beginning of #19119.

    • Please refer to my last post #19103

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