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  • ccastaff ccastaff Aug 8, 2002 1:45 PM Flag

    $16.00 Roof on rally

    Click this link for a chart demonstrating my expectation of a $16.00 limit on the rally which has begun.

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    • General:

      FD4 knows not wherein the problem lies....Yahoo is not cooperating at all....(blocked three of my attempts this am)

      If you take the link shown in msg 19900 and put a period where [dot] occurs (twice), i.e remove five characters and insert one character, it should work. (ers.tri & should appear)

      It was just a dumb picture, but FD4 thought the General would appreciate it....


    • The General tried following your corrective advice as to the hyperlink you posted and still did not meet with success from Yahoo.

    • feduke,

      Just to keep things technically correct, the "stuff" on Air Force General's visors is commonly known as "farts(thunder)and darts (lightening)". Another bit of trivia, if you happen to see the Chief Of Staff USAF with his hat on, you might notice the farts and darts go all the way around the cap. Interpretations of that I'll leave to others.

      None of this is intended as a comment about "our" General and should not be taken as such.

    • Thanks for the insight, general!

      The FEDUKE404 thought perhaps there was an overabundance of scrambled eggs on The General's visor.

      So just let the FEDUKE404 spend a few pennies, here:

      ....and then the FEDUKE404 can get back to some more needed violin practice!


      The Yahoo folks nixed my original link above, so replace the [dot]s with . and you should be OK.

    • We all own this firm because we all believe in private prisons and that positive cash flow is what keeps the doors open. CXW will have $4+/shr. in cash flow next year and trades at 4+ times cash flow.
      I think in this market you don't need to go out and buy "blue sky" stories, there are plenty great value buys with proven numbers behind them, CXW appears to be one of them.

    • You are indeed correct. However, the stock I bought in early '99 after discussions with an investment friend, some reasonable research on my part, and much review of this board (what was the deal with the wildebeasts?!?) has gone from $40+ per share to a current $1.79 per share (10% of $17.90). That fact will not go away, although I am fortunate enough to have some 2002 capital gains and will most likely let my CCA/PZN/CXW or whatever position offset those. After allowing for wash sale issues, I may establish a new position, but I seriously doubt it. The worst is in all likelihood behind for CXW, and those who got in at sub-$1 share prices may well be rewarded.

      As for getting excited, I will go forward with some newer investments......even recently bought some BRCD for around $5.30. I'm certain those who bought that stock somewhere well north of $100 are not happy with their investment either!

      In the meantime, enjoy your holidays and you may find this link of interest:

      I will continue to follow this board infrequently, and maybe someday I can even figure out why The General always speaks in the third person........


    • MK, while the General's adjutants are communing with the sandman, the General awakens nightly (except on market holidays and weekends), and stealthly, by candlelight, he quietly records the proximate preceding market session's activities with a lump of coal (his adjutants will not permit the General to possess anything sharp, like a pencil or a pen).

      The General has been engaging in this ritualistic means of record keeping for years. If his "keepers" should happen to awaken during the night and notice the "glow" of candlelight eminating from the General's bedroom, they think it's just the old bladder-challenged geezer up again, having to void once more.

      The point of this preamble is to let you know that the General has referred to his records and they concur EXACTLY and PRECISELY with the figures that you have presented.

      This "concurrence" does not surprise the General because (apart from your 'illegitimacy'), he has always recognized in you, certain outstanding mental competencies and characteristics which Mrs. MK merely regards as 'ancilliary benefits' to your principal forte.

      The conundrum is this; our records don't agree with the stats that are shown in Y!-F's Historical Prices archives. And as near as the General is able to cursorily determine, these pre-merger (CCA & PZN) prices do not seem to bear any relationship to either the 0.875 conversion factor or any dividends that may have been paid.

      For his charting analysis, the General made the command decision to rely on the historic pricing data that's presented on the msnMoney web site rather than Y!-F's archive. To make this matter even more of a conundrum than it already is, BOTH web sites get their data from Commodity Systems Inc. (CSI) and, except for the fact that msnMoney's table presents the data adjusted for the 10:1 r-s while Y!-F's does not, their respective data for the same date does not necessarily agree.

      Here are some examples with the attribution parentheticated: (All data is presented r-s adjusted)

      08/04/97 - Close

      448.75 (MK)
      448.75 (General)
      312.5- (Y!F)
      312.50 (msnMoney)

      08/05/97 - I-D H

      455.625 (MK)
      455.625 (General)
      319.5-- (Y!-F)
      315.000 (msnMoney)

      12/31/02 - I-D H

      382.50 (General)
      446.2- (Y!-F)
      446.25 (msnMoney)

      01/02/98 - I-D H

      372.50 (General)
      464.2- (Y!-F)
      443.75 (msnMoney)

      02/17/98 - I-D H

      415.00 (MK)
      415.00 (General)
      448.2- (Y!-F)
      442.50 (msnMoney)

      Your calling the General's attention to the August 1997 dates, MK, caused him to see that msnMoney's table had a higher i-d h (446.25) for 1997's New Year's Eve session (12/31/97) than the General had previously taken note of when he calc'd DTLm (which originates on 2/12/98's i-d h of 445.00).

      What this means is, that the previous "Mother" of all of CXW's DTLs is now the "Daughter" of all its DTLs and is being redesignated DTLd.

      CXW's new "Mother," DTLnm, has a much shallower slope than does DTLd. DTLd's slope is 7.75x steeper than DTLm's slope.

      This difference means that, a/o today, for example, DTLd's and DTLnm's respective values are shown as follows:


      DTLd: 55.000
      DTLmn: 394.677+

      It will be a long, long time (possibly, if ever) before DTLmn is violated. In about 4.9 years, its descending slope has brought DTLnm lower by a mere -51.57+ points.

      The General extends warmest Thanksgiving greetings to one and all.

    • You got to let it go. This stock should have never got past the $35-$40 range in the first place. You will see the $30's again. When you split twice and keep climbing then you got to get real somewhere down the line. I believe in alot of people but few I would follow off of a cliff. Let the past go get informed about the management this company has now and move foward. Good luck to all. I was encouraged by the last quarter and am looking foward to 2003.

    • excellent post, but don't forget to multiply everything by ten when comparing to CURRENT share prices .....that "45" was really "450".....sadly


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