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  • infinitjustice123 infinitjustice123 Dec 4, 2002 7:33 AM Flag

    Looking for new investment ideas

    Dear fellow posters,

    I'm looking for fresh investment ideas. The reason I'm posting this request here is because I believe CXW is a great investment story (especially for those who invested at the end of 2000) and the same people that discovered it will probably have a higher propensity for finding similar ideas.

    This is what I'm looking for:
    1) A business with high barriers to entry, in a slow-moving, simple, industry.
    2) An honest and capable management team.
    3) A cheap valuation leaving a significant margin of safety. I base my valuation on existing or reasonably achievable cash flows or on readily provable asset values.

    I know these are tough hurdles but CXW is the proof that these opportunities are out there.

    In return I can offer my two cents (I think I'm very picky and I'm willing to do the work) and some stock buying power.

    Thanks in advance.

    Best of luck to all,


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    • Elliot waves turned out to be nothing but a ripple, and the embarrassment was too great.

    • Casting the first stone???

    • Where is ccastaff???? KMP has been making NEW HIGHS!! So be very careful when people have such a strong opinion... He is wrong!!!Msg List ] Msg #: Reply Post
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      ccastaff ..regarding your KMP post
      by: sam_0534
      Long-Term Sentiment: Strong Buy 01/03/03 02:20 pm
      Msg: 20008 of 20211

      Still feel like you are right??????YIKES SAM, SELL THAT PUPPY.

      KMP Is in a very precarious position on the chart.

      Please take the time to draw a few trendlines and you will see what I mean.

      Make a trendline from the low of July 24th through the lows of October 8 and November 5, and extend it to the present, and you will see that we have already broken below that line. Furthermore, we are now forming a reverse wave, which will be an upward limit on the price. In other words if the price does not break back above that trendline, the price will tank in a major way. In addition, the upper trendline between August 27 and December 3 demonstrates that we are in a wedge which outlines an Elliot wave "B" wave. This tells me that KMP is headed for a major "C" downwave.

      Posted as a reply to: Msg 19969 by ccastaff

    • ccastaff... how is your wave count on KMP???? I guess it doesnt work so well???? Market usually teaches people humility.... As an ex stock broker with E. F. Hutton it was a good lesson

    • I agree. Sooner or later you will get one right. The odds are in your favor. Your on a year long losing streak. Good luck.

      You ever thought about being weatherman. They at least have a 50/50 chance. Sooner or later it will rain.

      Keep investing baby!!!!!!

    • Time will tell :-)

    • Still feel like you are right??????YIKES SAM, SELL THAT PUPPY.

      KMP Is in a very precarious position on the chart.

      Please take the time to draw a few trendlines and you will see what I mean. Still feel you are RIGHT????
      Kinder Morgan Energy Partners (KMP: news, chart, profile), which also vowed to meet or beat profit expectations, earned $164.2 million, or 50 cents a unit, vs. $120.7 million, or 40 cents a unit, in the year-ago period.

      Kinder Morgan is the general partner of KMP, which is the largest master limited partnership in the U.S.

      KMP's management owed the increase in profit to the stable of assets, which have little commodity risk and derive revenue from fees.

      Analysts were expecting an average of 45 cents a share from KMP.

      KMP upped its fourth-quarter cash distribution to 62.5 cents from 61 cents in the third quarter, the 14th time the board has done so since the creation of the pipeline limited partnership six years ago.

      KMP said Wednesday it expects to increase its quarterly cash distribution to 68 cents by the fourth quarter of this year, which translates into a yearly outlay of $2.72. In December, management said it expected cash distributions of $2.63 in 2003.

      The partnership's units closed at $35.45, down 15 cents, ahead of the announcement.

      Lisa Sanders is a Dallas-based reporter for

    • "Going to be 80 here today In Los Angeles"

      Even though we don't agree on some things, gotta give it to you Sam... for a guy 80, you're sharp as a tack!!!

      No wonder you guys are so good at ancient history, I was only a baby in my mothers arms during the war. I'm probably just remembering the Lennon Sisters when I think of "'s later than you think..." I KNOW they sang it.

      Where were you when Arthur Godfrey fired Julius LaRosa??? Life was so much simpler then...

    • <Going to be 80 here today In Los Angeles.>

      Belated Happy Birthday!!! That is fantastic. Hopefully our favorite prison company will give you a proper present when it announces quarterly earnings next month.

    • If you've ever been guilty of looking at contemporaries and thinking . . . surely I don't look THAT old, . . . you may enjoy this short story.

      While waiting in the reception room for his first-time appointment with a dentist he hadn't seen before, the patient noticed the dentist's certficate, which bore his full name. Suddenly, he recalled that a tall, good-lookin' guy that he'd gone to high school with some forty-odd years ago had that same name.

      However, when he was directed to the exam room and met the dentist, he quickly discarded any such thought. This balding, gray-haired, slightly paunchy man with the deeply lined face was too old to have been his classmate.

      After his examination, the patient asked the dentist if he had attended the local high school.

      "Why, yes, as a matter of fact I did," he replied.

      "when did you graduate?", the patient asked.

      "In 1957.", he answered.

      "Why, you were in my class!" the patient exclaimed.

      The dentist looked at him closely and then asked, "What did you teach?"

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