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  • theoriginalnic theoriginalnic Aug 9, 2003 6:24 PM Flag

    nic is not surprised

    just pissed off. his basis is above $40 in this slice of heaven, and he lived through the doc and baby doc silliness....must be something about the nashville of the few things nic doesn't find funny is losing lots of money.

    nic drives or flies commercial....he suggests either mode of transportation for those who have custody of his meager funds....and he wants them to fly coach. first class and private whatevers come when the stock goes to $400/share.

    nic would even pay for cabin attendants with liberal attitudes toward their passengers' intimate wishes, if that happened...and might even tag along.

    all the best.

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    • compensation and NYSE's BOD appointments.

    • The General agrees with you, princess, as to what Ferguson's priorities have been since he took over. He was merely trying to draw some (tongue-in-cheek) comparisons with a couple of arguments put forth in the justification for Grasso's meriting what he's getting.

      The General is a bit concerned that if nic gets on the compensation committee, Ferguson will be bicycling to and from work and nic wouldn't even give him a 3-speed.

    • It could drive you to drink (in your case, that might be a short stroll) or back to the shrink.

      Less than a fortnight ago, you presented this mb with your 'thoughts' (see the link to message #20687 at the bottom, to which this message replies) on an appropriate executive incentive-compensation package, predicated on Ferguson & Co. getting you/us back to the $400 per share level (which was still below your basis, you said).

      Very recently, the Finance Quiz on Y!-F's Home page asked the reader about "typical" or "average" executive compensation as a % of increased shareholder value which the CEO's helming realized for the company in the period 1993 to 1997.

      The correct answer (of the multiple choices given) was 1.4%

      On that basis, predicated on the most recently reported shares outstanding (S/O) for the company of 35,021,877 shares (a/o 8/01/03, per 2Q03's 10-Q, filed 8/12/03), $400 per share would give the company a market cap of $14.008 billion or $13.198 billion more than its value was @ yesterday's closing price of $23.15.

      1.4% of $13.198 billion is about $185 million, a figure that is approaching the Golden State's GDP under Doofus' 'governance'.

      The General deliberately did not want to reckon this mathematical exercise based on the company's value when Ferguson assumed the helm because the nicster's consumption already has the distillery in Clermont running triple shifts.

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