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  • twiceiwasrich twiceiwasrich Mar 29, 2004 12:18 PM Flag

    Lets work to stop the death penealty

    they are destoying a perfectly good revenue stream for us..... The average cost to incarcerate someone for life is over $1,000,000...... that's right, 1 million smakeroos.... and with free healthcare and the right nutrition, who knows we might can get em to all to live over a 100 years..... which would mean another million for us for the cost of long term care....

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    • CXW only takes medium security prisoners. Persons facing the death penalty don't usually fit into this category.

      But I like your enthusiasm.

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      • Unless, of course, the BOP sends 'em 'misclassified' maximum-security hard-timers. Remember the NEOCC in Johnstown?

        The BOP sent CXW what it wanted someone else to have to contend with. A few murderers here, a few there, adds some variety to the milieu. A few knifings here, a few killings there (not to forget the escapes) just seems to add so much more 'challenges' to the business.

        If you're dependent on the feds for a lot of your business, you don't really want to stand on ceremony (such as what the contract says you're supposed to get), now do you?

      • Only takes medium security prisoners????Well hell then, lets try to get the Bush Administration to make simple marijuana possession a mandatory life sentence.....Hell most of those kids are in their teens.....that would mean almost 70-80 years we'd keep em incarcerated...and at a cost of $50,000/year.... that's some big bucks for sure!

        Yea, I see what you mean, screw those worthless serial killers!

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