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  • bryan_groce bryan_groce Sep 15, 2004 6:43 PM Flag

    Understand before you speak

    I have been reading the postings on CXW for some time now and have always been reluctant to post a message myself. I see many people speaking ill of private corrections and all I can say is "People truly need to understand the industry before they speak". I have been in the corrections industry for 14 years now and I have dealt with and worked with every agency known to man....state run facilities, federal institutions. and private institutions. There are those individuals who cast stones but in reality all I can say is many are incorrect concerning their ideals of CCA. During my time with them which was almost 10 years I witnessed good things and some bad things but the bad never amounted to the bad I have seen in government ran institutions. There can never be a perfect penal institution because face are dealing with criminals, many of which spend all day and night thinking about either how to get out or how to cause problems within the institution. I am not saying every one of them because there are those who wish to serve their time and return to their families but there are many who just don't care. Every instition has its shortcomings but in my professional opinion CCA has done a fine job of running their facilites. Because they are in the private sector they are under a magnifying glass and they must answer to not only their corporate office but to the agencies they have a contract with. In my opinion private corrections is the wave of the future and if all institutions were ran in the manner CCA operated theirs penal systems would be much better off for the inmates, employees and tax payers.

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    • I would prefer to believe the UPI and the AP or better yet the numbers provided by the Federal government who spend our taxes on gathering all of the statistics for people who are interested in the truth.

    • Bryan Groce claims that for-profit pens are the wave of the future. Not hardly. In Kentucky, home of their most recent riot (9/15 in Beattyville), guards are paid $7.67 per hour, according to Steve Owen, CCA spokesman. This year in particular, CCA prisons have been plagued with riots. Their transports in particular have abounded with escapes by dangerous convicts. Public safety takes a back seat to profits, and management can't understand that poor pay equals poor performance, and loss of stock value.

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      • I do have to agree on the pay issue. This is a trend I have noticed to be particularly disturbing. Individuals who work in any correctional institution are paid far too little. This is a true shame and I hope in the future that something can be done to remedy the situation. Until salaries are raised considerably problems will continue to occur. My point in my initial posting was that problems occur in ALL penal institutions and not simply in private ran facilities. Individuals enjoy pointing out the problems of private ran institutions because they are private when in fact state ran facilities have the same issues. That was the point I was making.

    • Bravo, Bravo, Bravo, Bravo, and AMEN.

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